Volume 54 Is Out Now

My new digital DVD, Volume 54, is out today and envelops statins, SIBO, moringa, appetite, and more. It is available as a streaming video so you can start watching it immediately. Each video in this new collection will be released online over the next few months, available for free, but if you don’t want to wait, you can watch all of them by stream right now.

And, retain, if you watch the videos on NutritionFacts.org or YouTube, you can access captions in several different languages. To find yours, click on the puts pedal in the lower-right of the video and then ” Subtitles/ CC .” Happy viewing!

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Recipe: Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding

Berry Chocolate Chia PuddingThis simple and debased recipe comes from The How Not to Die Cookbook. Avocado and almond butter mix with cocoa to create a rich dessert. Get the free recipe here, and watch how it’s made over on our Instagram.

Key Takeaways: Mental Health

Key takeaways: mental healthMental health appears to play a part in physical state, so it’s crucial to eat foods that is compatible with both your attention and your body. Studies on the feelings state and mood countries of those munching plant-based diets suggest that eating less flesh may not only be good for us physically, but emotionally, too.

Read more on our topic page and check out our videos on mental health issues, including Which Foods Increase Happiness ? and Exercise vs. Drugs for Depression.

Captions and Translation Accessibility Survey

Translation SurveyDid you know that all of our videos are captioned in English and the majority are also translated into multiple lingos, thanks to our hard-working team of voluntaries?

We are conducting a survey to find out how much you are aware of and access these captions and translations.

The survey takes only a few minutes, and your response will help us continue to improve our translations and captions to reach as countless people around the world with this life-saving information. As a token of our appreciation, respondents looked forward to receiving a reject code for DrGreger.org for completing the survey. Thank you in advance!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Mya Montgomery

Volunteer: Mya M

Each month I transcribe the questions from Dr. Greger’s live Q& A’s for Facebook and YouTube so when people look at the video description on YouTube, they can see exactly what was covered that month. Previous to volunteering, I would tune in and learn so much! I decided I wanted to volunteer to help, and transcribing was a great way to learn and contribute to the community all at once.

My favorite plant-based food is chickpeas. There are so many ways to eat them from just cooking them to realizing hummus. I eat them every weeknight in all kinds of different recipes!

Top 3 Videos of the Month

Kombucha’s Side Effects: Is It Bad for You?Kombucha’s Side effects: Is It Bad for You ? What are the risks versus benefits of drinking kombucha?

The Best Diet for Fatty Liver Disease TreatmentThe Best Diet for Fatty Liver Disease Treatment What are the three sources of liver fat in fatty liver infection? How do you get rid of it?

Flashback Friday: Are There Risks and Benefits of Energy Drinks?Flashback Friday: Are There Risks and Benefits of Energy Drinks ?

Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar brand energy beverages are put to the test.

Live Q& A on May 27

Live Q&AEvery month, I do a Q& A live from my treadmill, and today, May 27 is the day.

Join on our Facebook sheet or YouTube canal at 3pm EDT. I’ll be streaming to both at the same time!

You can find links to past live Q& As here on NutritionFacts.org. If that’s not enough, remember, I have an audio podcast to keep you company, too.

In health, Michael Greger, M.D.

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