8fit blends workouts, meal planning, and meditation into one app

8fit is a health and fitness app that helps you workout and meal plan.

The older I get, the more it seems to make sense to treat health and fitness as a sustainable life-style journey rather than a strict regimen for the sole aim of reaching goals.

The body positivity and self-care shifts are trendier than ever, surely due to the fact that a large portion of society has become mainly aware of just how unsustainable( and sometimes downright hazardous) dieting and weight loss tactics can be.

We could all perhaps use a little less rigidity and a lot more balance in our lives. And this is exactly what 8fit strives to help you with, by make more of a holistic approaching to state and fitness.

What is 8fit?

8fit is a thorough state and fitness app that integrates four main areas: exert, daily gesture, meal projecting/ moving, and musing. It basically eliminates the need to use a separate app for each of these areas.

Although 8fit’s doctrine is more about constructing and sustaining healthy garbs than it is about helping you get to your goal load by a certain date, you can still use the app for weight loss intents. When you first sign up, you’ll be asked a series of questions about yourself and the types of purposes “youve had” so that it can create a personalized experience.

The app interface pieces a clean and negligible blueprint that’s easy to use, with primary menu alternatives at the bottom. On the main feed, you’ll identify hinted programs and boasted workouts, including upcoming class you can sign up to follow along with or first-class that have previously been held and will expire soon.

There’s also a handy little goal bar for completing workouts, entering meals, thumping your daily step count and ending reflection hearings so you can see at a glance how you’re hitting your goals for all the areas on a daily basis. It’s somewhat basic, but that’s the pitch — you don’t inevitably need anything exceedingly complicated to move your daily progress.

Weekly goals you set can easily be seen at a glance.

Weekly objectives you set can easily be seen at a glance.

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Users can pick workouts based on a variety of preferences.

Users can pick workouts based on a variety of preferences.


Working out with 8fit experience immense, but it was limited for free users

8fit offers a good variety of exercisings in categories like boxing, HIIT, yoga, pilates, elongate, persuasivenes, stripes, and heaviness. There may not be hundreds of exercisings make their own choices, but there are enough to keep things fresh and interesting — specially if you’re willing to shift between workout kinds. Precisely know that there are more exercisings in some categories than there are in others. For instance, I counted 58 exercisings in the load lifting category and time 27 in yoga.

The workouts mainly come in two different modes. The first is your classic video-style workout, peculiarity recorded video content of one of the app’s many fitness tutors actually performing the workout themselves and navigating you through it as they move. The second form is sequence workout, such as a time interval workout, which is a little more self-paced. For each move in the string, you’re shown a brief video of someone performing each move before a timer automatically starts so you can do the move yourself.


The most essential fitness tech of 2021( so far)

Workouts are meant to be kept relatively short. Most are around 10 to 20 minutes, with a long time one I’ve come across at 35 minutes. Each workout is labeled fledgling, intermediate, advanced, or all levels so you know what to expect in terms of difficulty.

Before you start a exercising, the app tells you what you need to get ready, which can be helpful if it’s your first time trying it. I found that the video-style workouts were very professional in terms of picture quality, coach execution/ advice, and the environmental issues it has just taken place in.

The sequence-style workouts were easy to follow and easy to delay if I missed something. When you finish, you’re asked to rate the workout as easy, perfect, or hard and espouse an emoji( no, OK, or loved it) so that 8fit can improve its suggestions for you later on.

I really liked that you can select an individual workout on a whim, or you can sign up for a program that lasts various weeks. On the Workout tab, you are eligible to discover the newest exercisings that have been added and the most popular workouts.

The biggest downside? Most workouts are only available for premium subscribers. You can tell by discover the self-evident fastening icon in the top left of any workout thumbnail. Without upgrade to premium, the number of workouts you’re able to press play on is extremely limited.

Sequence-style workouts walk you through one move at a time.

Sequence-style workouts amble you through one move at a time.


You get a chance to prep for each move, which was super helpful.

You provided an opportunity to prep for each move, which was super supportive.


Meal meaning is for premium subscribers only

I love exploring health and life-style apps that combining both fitness and food. Why use two apps when you can tackle both in one?

Upon navigating to the Meals tab, you’ll first be asked a series of questions about your food character, menus you shun, the different types of recipes you’re interested in, how many meals per day you eat, and how much mixture you demand. 8fit then exerts this information to build your personalized dinner plan.

Unfortunately, free members can’t get access to any of the meal meaning boasts. After refuting all your meal-related questions, you’ll be asked to upgrade to move forward. Annoying, I know.

If you decide to upgrade, you’ll notice that the banquet projecting process is quite instinctive to browse and customize to your affection. You get invoices for each banquet( breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) with recipe invoices peculiarity photos, nutritional datum, prep epoch, ingredients, counselings, and kitchen implements you’ll need. You can even tap on an individual ingredient in a recipe to see its nutritional information and take advantage of the shopping list feature that tells you all the ingredients you’ll need based on the recipes in your meal schedule.

If you eat something or do an activity outside of the 8fit app, you can log it manually. Logging on 8fit is very basic, and it’s mainly there to help you become more aware of your attires as opposed to moving stats like calories ingested, calories burned, macronutrients, and so on.

That’s another thing — because 8fit is more of an awareness-building app for your lifestyle dress, you won’t realize much in terms of data and analytics. Besides the mini aim tracker on the residence feed and the docket on your chart, you don’t get any charts, graphs, or other analysis. It’s likewise not designed to integrate with other fitness wearables or apps besides Apple Health and Google Fit, attaining it less versatile in that sense.

Plan your meals ahead, and easily change them if you want something else.

Plan your dinners onward, and easily change them if you demand something else.


An in-depth view of the meal of the day.

An in-depth consider of the meal of the day.


Is 8fit value insurance premiums improve?

I’ll be honest: The free form of the app isn’t very useful since almost all of its workout material is fastened and you get no access to meal strategy at all. The more “youre using” it as a free representative, the more pop-ups you’ll receive asking you to upgrade.

Despite the limitations of the free edition, the app is beautifully designed and the content is excellent. It takes most of the decision-making out of trying to figure out what workout to do and what kinds of banquets to contrive without getting tedious, impelling it worth the upgrade to an annual due for $79.99 if you like what you identified in the free edition and simply want to take full advantage of the content and pieces.

Overall, 8fit renders a very practical, all-in-one destination for discovering new material, moving daily attires, and sustaining a healthy life by learn new workouts, programs, and recipes. It’s a breath of fresh air among a myriad of apps that sharpens chiefly on numbers.

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