I’m just not hungry… anxiety and depression TW: Mention of calories

Normally my summer daylights go by super slow, I feel super anxious and I gobble lane to much. I’m obese and have tried and done tons of various types of nutritions on and off since I was 11 year olds. I decided to do and egg fast( exclusively eggs and a solid of pick ie. butter, olive oil) which I’ve done many times before.

I’ve never really liked eggs but I action myself anyways, I had 8 eggs accompanied by 8 tablespoons of butter as set forth in the program. I is projected to do the egg fast for 3 dates, but on the second day I merely didn’t want to eat, the was just thinking about another egg was nauseating.

I told myself I had to eat an egg, after hours of fighting with myself I decided to precisely eat some regular food at 6pm, I honestly wasn’t hungry and as I ingest I felt super guilty, I had applesauce irrigated down and beef broth. At 9pm I knew if I didn’t eat more I would feel dizzy the next morning so I magnetism myself to eat a health frozen dinner. I munch less then 500 calories that day but it was late and I knew if I snack more my acid reflux would be horrible.

Third day I was supposed to do egg fast( AKA today ). I decided screw it more the egg fast and accepted that I disappointed, whatever , no big cheese. I decided when I was hungry I would feed, I’ve ever hop-skip breakfast because gobbling early constructs me nauseous. Come lunch time I gaped around in the cupboards and fridge, we have lots of food this week that I commonly like because we just travelled shopping yesterday , nothing gaped appetizing, I merely wasn’t hungry, same as yesterday. I figured I would be hungry later on, especially with all the extra exercise I did this week and with how little I snack yesterday, why wouldn’t I be hungry? [?]

It hit 10 PM and I was heading up to bed, I forgot I hadn’t chew all day, I look back the menu and everything there is glanced nauseating, thinking about food writing this is procreating me sickening. I impelled myself to have some tuna with mayo and crackers, and after I had some dark chocolate, which is usually my beloved thing…it was meh. Im still not hungry, when I eat I wasn’t hungry, once again I had less then 500 calories, it’s too late to eat again today as it’s 11:30 PM and I’m off to bed, having eaten at 10 PM I’m annoyed my acid reflux will act up.

Do I just wait it out? Should I make myself to eat or is that forming me loss my craving more? Any admonition is helpful

Also side note: I’ve felt perceptibly tranquilize these past few eras, I’m not tired but I’m I’m not all agitated like regular, the day flies by like nothing and its like I forget to eat? Which is absolutely bizarre because how does a nutrient addicted obese party just forget about meat, and not be hungry…

Like I said I’m off to bed so I won’t examine any replies till morning but TYIA!

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