Women of reddit I have a question

So me and my girlfriend have been living together for a while now. I enjoy her very much. The intellect I am writing this is out of concern and hoping to learn from those who have been through it. She gets highly cruel intervals( has passed out a few days from too much blood loss) and has cystic ovaries. Last time around October she actually had to have one cut out due to the pain it motived. She has had a pap smear and blood board done since we’ve been together as have I and there are no stds. After having that cyst removed she found a gyno who framed her on a chassis of bc that isn’t as hard on their own bodies as previous ones( she is allergic to a certain chemical in bc but this one does not have it) nonetheless she wants off it as it induces random yeast infections, feeling changes, makes it hard to control weight, and kills her sex drive. My question to you ladies is has anyone now had cystic ovaries and moronic stages more perceived a course to control them through somewhat natural techniques like nutrition workout hormone regiman things of that sort? If so I would love to hear your fib!

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