ugh, doctors

i know a great deal of people with long-term mental illnesses( completely fucked up for life) don’t genuinely go to their doctors to talk things out, they just go to get their drugs revived: this is basically me. today i had a session online with my doc where she said a few cases things that reinforced my sentiment she’s not a person to confide in or listen to. one of the things we talked about today was weight loss and she “ve been given” her normal useless admonition. tbh i’ve actually been doing pretty well with my force. i thought a lot to lose, still have a long way to go and it’s coming off slowly but i’ve make drastic changes to my lifestyle and dining dress. here’s some recommendations from her today:

1) biking is not workout – her interpretation? she sees a good deal of fatty beings biking so it must not do anything for weight loss. honest to god, she said that. she wants me to get in the habit of walking vigorously every day. that’s not a bad intuition, in fact i did that pretty much every day when i weighed about 300 lbs and it did there is nothing for weight loss because i ate like service animals and was otherwise, for the rest of the day, completely sedentary.

2) i should ask my family doctor for nutrition capsules – having trouble losing load? should you maybe see a dietician? nope, just ask your doctor for nutrition pills.

3) “i shouldve been” give up my pastime – if my pastime were watching TV or masturbating to pornography or playing games online or something, then ya, that’s not a great use of day. my pastime is fishkeeping and it’s actually done me immense good in matters relating to my mental health issues. somehow, even though i work ten hour shifts every weekday at a social, customer service job, i’m not social fairly and shouldn’t spend time alone with my diversion. on weekends. during a pandemic.

i already had no faith in this doctor when she literally laughed at me for saying something personal about a insane divulge i once had so , not a big shocker now but serviceman there’s time no end to it.

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