The Top 9 Hardest Foods to Give Up for Weight Loss (And How to Still Enjoy Them!)

Diets are often all about leaving things up: It could be whole nutrient radicals, like carbs, or entire menu groups, like eats. Or a diet might ask you to give up all your favorite foods–pizza, pasta, cookies or cake–for the duration of your weight loss plan.

Giving up your favorites is hard, and discipline advocates it is likely to be constituting your nutrition harder to deal with on mentality chemistry height: In one study, scientists is assumed that dieting left beings more susceptible to the stressors of everyday life, from operate transaction to hard feelings speeches. When they studied stress in mouse , not being able to help deal with those ardours with nutrients that provided ease was shown to procreate the mouse more likely to binge on comforting meat after their foods ended–making them more likely to gain weight back.1

The good news: Nutrisystem changes you up for success because you don’t have to give up your favorite nutrients. Nutrisystem’s expert dietitians believe that the best way to deal with a crave is to actually eat the menu you’re craving–but in the freedom fraction. That’s one large-hearted rationalization people reach their goals with Nutrisystem when nothing else has worked: Nutrisystem banquets are perfectly sectioned for weight loss and made from quality ingredients you’ll love. Our menu is filled with your favorite nutrients to help keep you fulfilled. Want cake? You got it. Love cookies? No problem.

When we cross-examine more than 2,000 parties requesting them to which nutrients would be the hardest to give up, these nine menus surpassed the list–and you don’t have to give up a single one of them to lose weight on Nutrisystem! Check out the options for keeping your favorites in their own lives while “were losing”, with these nine menus you can deter when you get started with a Nutrisystem meal plan.

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1. Chocolate

Nutrisystem double chocolate muffin on a plate

46 % of respondents to our sketch said that chocolate would be difficult to give up on a food. On Nutrisystem, you is not simply get to keep eating chocolate–you can have it for breakfast! The Double Chocolate Muffin is one of the most popular menu entries and is delicious warmed up. A few seconds in the microwave turns this chocolatey treat into a gooey breakfast you’ll love.

The chocolate extravaganza doesn’t stop there, though. The report contains snacks like the Chocolate Flavored Pretzelsand Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcake. There’s more breakfast alternatives like the Chocolate and Hazelnut Flavored Granola. Plus, we have tons of so-good-you-won’t-believe-it’s-good-for-you bars, like the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.

2. Pizza

Nutrisystem margherita pizza

For more than 42% of our survey respondents, giving up pizza was a big “no.” Fortunately for them, Nutrisystem is famous for saying yes to pizza! And it’s not just our already-awesome regular pizza options, like the classic, 230 -calorie Margherita Pizza or the beefy Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza pie. There are also tons of other pizza-inspired snacks on our menu, from grab-and-go lunches like the Pepperoni Pizza Melt to the finger-licking, garlicky goodness of the Garlic Cheese Flatbread.

You can find even more pizza alternatives as Flex Meal on the Leaf! We’ve got healthful, Nutrisystem-approved recipes like Deep Dish Pizza Cups, Easy Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels, pizzas made from eggplant slicings and even Pizza Stuffed Chicken.

3. Cookies

Nutrisystem chocolate chip cookies on a napkin

We’re right there with the 42% of respondents who didn’t want to give up cookies while dieting. Crunching on a few cases burns of chocolate chipping cookies( like these, for just 140 calories) can make any day more happy. And we’ve went more cookie alternatives than you can shake a glass of milk at–from shortbread pierces to toffee crunch cliques to chocolate chippers with the lent spice of walnuts.

We’ve even got big, chewy cookies like you’d get at your favorite sandwich shop: There’s a 140 -calorie Peanut Butter Cookie option, a villain Snickerdoodle Cookie and the zesty Lemon Cooler Cookie, merely to list a few.

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4. Cheese

Nutrisystem white cheddar mac and cheese in a bowl

For roughly 39% of survey respondents, cheesy foods are one the hardest to give up for weight loss. Which is understandable considering all of the delicious cheesy snacks there are out there. We’ve already covered a lot of cheesy pizza alternatives, but there’s even more gooey goodness on Nutrisystem for you cheese devotees out there.

Start with the White Cheddar Mac and Cheese, which has more than 890 five-star remembers. This generous bowl is ready in a matter of instants, giving you the cheese fix you need at the role or on the go. Even rice is cheesy on Nutrisystem–the Cheddar Broccoli Rice is a favorite, with some members adding a bit of chopped fresh broccoli during preparation to help get in their daily suffices of non-starchy vegetables.

For a cheesy lunch, try the Broccoli and Cheese Melt. Want to say “cheese” at dinner? Have a bowl of Chicken Pasta Parmesan. Even snack period is cheesy: More than 2,000 Nutrisystem representatives have raved about our ready-to-eat White Cheddar Popcorn with a five-star review.

5. Cake

Nutrisystem lemon zest cake

Alt text: carrot patty muffin with cream meet on a plate

On Nutrisystem, we tell them eat patty! And it’s not just possible to lose weight, it’s easier: That’s because Nutrisystem’s savory patty alternatives are perfectly sectioned so you can have your cake and ingest the right amount, extremely. This is good news for the almost 38% of sketch participates that say cake is one of the hardest food to say goodbye to when on a diet.

You’ll be delighted by the flavor, helped to be filled by fiber, and satisfy your longing with options like the merciful Red Velvet Cupcake, the gooey frosting of the Lemon Zest Cake and a square of Birthday Cake that’s accessible even when it’s not your birthday.

You can even have patty for breakfast, and be fill up until lunch! Well, that’s pancakes: But our High Protein Pancake Mix has the bonus of protein, a nutrient that doesn’t just build and maintain muscle, but stays in your digestive method longer than carbohydrates, so “youre feeling” full for longer. At least until snack epoch when it’s meter for…

6. Microchips

Nutrisystem Smoky BBQ Crisps

Can’t stand the thought of giving up your go-to crunchy snack for binge-watching Netflix presents? Neither can virtually 32% of inspect participates, who said here today that chips are the among the menus that are difficult to give up for weight loss.

Not to worry! Nutrisystem Crisps–round chips in spices like Smoky BBQ and Sweet Jalapeno–leave even skeptical chip-lovers ready to grab another handbag. Yes, they’re reached with pack, protein-rich ingredients like quinoa and flaxseed, but don’t made the multigrain part fool you. “Oh my goodness they are delicious, ” one member raves about the 140 -calorie bag of crunchy crispies. Another member said they’ve got a “crunchy texture with spate of flavor.”

You can also find Flex Snack options for microchips on The Leaf, Nutrisystem’s weight loss blog: Yes, the report contains healthy( but still delicious !) alternatives like these Rosemary Kale Chips, but representatives with air fryers are also welcome to do BBQ Sweet Potato Chips or Air Fryer Salt and Vinegar Chips … and still lose weight!

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7. Ice Cream

Nutrisystem vanilla ice cream sandwiches

For the 28% of survey respondents who said they would scream without ice cream–grab a Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, and visualize why approximately 9,000 Nutrisystem members have given its soft, chocolate cookie and creamy replenishing a rave, five-star review.

More of a sundae party? How about hunks of brownie and ripplings of fudge in chocolate ice cream? Yes, you can eat that and lose weight–it’s Nutrisystem’s Chocolate Brownie Sundae, which has more than 4,000 five-star remembers from our members. There’s more, very: Our Orange Cream Bar that “doesn’t even taste like a diet food” has just 90 calories, and our all-time favorite Chocolaty Fudge Bar has just 80 itty-bitty calories. The bonus? They are appropriate to your weight loss plan, but all you’ll appreciation is deliciousness.

8. Pasta

Nutrisystem three cheese chicken pasta

Over 26% of those participating in our sketch said that they have a hard time giving up pasta to decline pounds. However, the pasta-bilities are endless on Nutrisystem! Our pasta banquets have helped countless parties stays on their weight loss plan, helping to satisfy Italian food lusts with classic consolation meat starts like the Lasagna with Meat Sauce.

Our other pasta alternatives are also parcelled with muscle-building, belly-filling protein so the smart sections obstruct you feeling fulfilled: The Rotini with Meatballs has 15 grams of replenishing protein. Our yummy Three Cheese Chicken is also a good root of protein with 10 grams per serving.

9. Spicy Foods

Nutrisystem spicy kung pao noodles

Your love of spice may help you live longer: A 2015 study found that people who chew spicy nutrients six or seven days per week had a 14 percent lower gamble of early death.2 And a little heat may help you lose weight in two ways: An analysis of 90 different studies showed that spicy menus can help increase the number of calories you burn while assuring your appetite.3

So of course you don’t have to give up spice on Nutrisystem! If you’re like 16% of survey respondents who don’t want to give up spicy foods, you can rest assured that we have options for you. There’s zingy spices aplenty in options like the Spicy Kung Pao Noodles, the mouthwatering Southwest Fiesta Melt and the classic Chicken Fajita Bowl.

Or visit The Leaf for recipes that will add some hot to your daily non-starchy vegetable functions: The Spicy Sriracha Slaw is sure to become a regular feature bowl, and will make it easier to booze your daily 64 ounces of spray!

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