8 Healthy Dessert Recipes Perfect for July 4th

Declare your independence from diet-destroying desserts, and give these health dessert recipes boasting a red-faced, white-hot and off-color quirk a try. Each one boasts fresh, seasonal fruit and a few other easy ingredients. And while they make a perfectly themed analyse to be provided to patriotic states parties and barbecues, these healthy dessert recipes are road more good to be confined to only one day of the year!

Try these healthy dessert recipes any era you’re praying a little All-American treat 😛 TAGEND 1. American Flag Fruit Tray >

American Flag Fruit Tray

This patriotic plate might looks just like a everyday return tray. However, there are few little detail that make this simple recipe special. From white chocolate dipped bananas to the five different types of fruit, our American Flag Fruit Tray is the perfect addition to your Fourth of July merriments. Click here for the recipe >

2. 5-Ingredient Patriotic Cheesecake >

5-Ingredient Patriotic Cheesecake

Celebrate freedom free of guilt! Fourth of July is right around the corner and light-colored and fluffy cheesecake is on the menu. Using precisely five simple ingredients, you can create this quick and easy holiday dessert recipe that fits into your weight loss menu. Get the recipe >

3. All-American Festive Flag Crackers >

Festive Flag Crackers are the perfect healthy snack to serve at your patriotic defendants. Boasting graham crackers surpassed with fat-free cream cheese and fresh, seasonal berries, they’re jam-packed with nutrition … and flavor! Click now for the recipe >

4. Red, White& Blue Dessert Cups >


This Red White and Blue Pudding Cup is delicious and patriotic all at the same time. It’s went flavored gelatin, beat topping and sweetened, seasonal blueberries … the perfect flavor and pigment combo! Click now to get the recipe >

5. 3-Ingredient Patriotic Popsicles >

Patriotic Red White Blue Popsicles

Not every popsicle has to be bad for your nutrition! These Patriotic Popsicles are joyful, lusciou and guilt-free. Featuring merely two types of berries and some non-fat Greek yogurt, these yummy analyses are as easy to make as they are to eat! Get the recipe here >

6. Red, White& Blueberry Pancakes >


Although technically not dessert, these Red, White& Blueberry Pancakes are the perfect treat for Independence Day! Featuring your Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake and a few cases other simple ingredients, these tasty pancakes count as one SmartCarb and one-and-a-half PowerFuels, so you can choose whether they fit in your epoch as a breakfast or a dessert! Click here to get the recipe >

7. American Flag Fruit Kebabs >

healthy dessert recipes

Liven up your Fourth of July menu with some freshening, savory( and Nutrisystem-approved !) American Flag Fruit Kebabs. It doesn’t get more patriotic and healthy as this. Not a grape devotee? Sub in blueberries! Prefer raspberries over strawberries? Swap them out! The likelihoods to create this patriotic discus are endless–so, cool down this Fourth of July with some fresh and holiday outcome! Get the recipe here >

8. Patriotic Booze-Free Sangria >

Patriotic Booze-Free Sangria

Sip on a fruity, flavorful and joyful liquid this celebration! Our healthy sangria recipe is free of booze but fitted with luscious result like strawberries, blueberries and lettuce apples. Get the recipe now >

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