‘Diet Doctor saved my life’


Calvin has told his keto diet success story twice before and now he’s back to update Diet Doctor readers on even more of his incredible progress.

In 2017, Calvin was our most popular success story. He described how within two weeks of starting a keto diet he came off all insulin for his category 2 diabetes and soon had normalized his blood sugar.

In 2018 he was back with another revise, describing how he had lost 140 pounds( 63.5 kg) but then stalled. He told how he got the scale moving again with information from Diet Doctor and by more closely tracking his nutrient intake.

In this interview, Calvin summarizes his entire 3.5 -year keto journey and shares how, still further, he has lost more than 160 pounds, reversed his diabetes, as well as come off all medications, including more recently both his high blood pressure remedies. He feels better than ever.

“I candidly considered that if I had not obtained Diet Doctor when I did, I would be dead by now. Diet Doctor saved my life and I thank God for guiding me to it.”

His story has been revised for period and clarity.

What’s your name, age, and where do you live? I’m Calvin, age 64. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia. I’ve now been three and a half years on the keto diet and I am doing better than ever.

How did you discover keto or low-pitched carb? In October 2017 I got the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar was so high, 519 mg/ dl( 28.5 mmol/ L ), that it was a medical emergency. The lab doing my blood test called me at work and “ve been told” I needed to go to my doctor immediately. My endocrinologist said he had never seen blood sugar that high-pitched in someone who was not in a diabetic lethargy.

I started insulin insertions the working day and was faced with at least four doses a date into my abdomen. I was put on all these remedies. I felt stunned and overwhelmed. I did not want to take insulin shots for the rest of my life.

I am a Pastor so I cried to God to show me another way. I prayed for him to give me an answer, to give me a path.

The next day I was examining the internet and I received Diet Doctor. And it certainly was the responses to my devotions.

Did you have any health or load contends before leading low-pitched carb or keto? I had been feeling unwell for years, but I thought that was just a regular part of aging. I had steadily put on weight over its first year. When I was diagnosed with diabetes I was 383 pounds( 174 kilos ).

My feet hurt, a real deep pain, and were numb and tingly. My knees hurt and I knew it hard to walk or stand for long. I was sleeping poorly. I was constantly thirsty and always needing to urinate. I had no energy. I had brain fog.

I was on two drugs for high blood pressure, and then medications for diabetes. I didn’t know how sick I was or how shocking I felt until I borrowed keto and began to feel so much better.

It wasn’t a ordinary part of aging at all, it was my diet. I had been sick for so long I didn’t know what it felt like to feel good. Now I do!

What were you eating before making this lifestyle change? I had heard that I should cut out carbohydrate, so in previous years I had stopped boozing any sound or feeing any fast food and I had managed to lose some weight by do that.

But I had discovered fruit and specks were healthful so I was gobbling a ton of fresh fruit every day, and lots of specks and low-fat food.

When did you start low-grade carb or keto? I began in october 2017, right after I learnt the Diet Doctor website.

I watched all the videos, predicted the success legends. I learned everything I could. I explored all the Diet Doctor recipes.

My wife and I affection foods like the Tex Mex casserole. I couldn’t belief how delicious and filling all the food was. It wasn’t like nutrition meat. And before long I was preparing my own recipes

In what lanes has your state improved? It is incredible. Within two weeks of starting keto I was off the insulin. And over the last three-and-a-half times I have come off more and more medication. I am off all diabetes medication. I precisely don’t have diabetes anymore. My blood sugar is great.

This spring, I ultimately came off my two blood pressure drugs — my blood pressure had become too low on the treats! Now my blood pressure is always in the normal range without any doses at all.

I had prepared the target of getting to a force of 240 pounds( 109 kilos ). When I was 383 pounds( 174 kilos) that seemed like an hopeless target to reach. But now I am at 220 pounds( 100 kilos ), which is lighter than when I enter into marriage more than 30 several years ago. I can are appropriate to a shirt I wore 30 years ago.

I don’t know if this will now be my final weight or if I will continue losing. I am 5’10”( 178 cm) so who knows, I might travel even lower. I will just see what happens.

But apart from getting off all medications and losing so much weight, I only feel superb. As soon as I started keto I felt this explode of energy come over me. I now have energy to do whatever I it is necessary do. I’ve got a couple of new grandchildren so it is really nice to actually have vigour to interact with them.

Even cognitive roles seemed easier. My brain is clear- “its just like” I have mental superpowers.

My feet no longer hurt and all the numbness and tingling are become. My knees feel immense. And, this is odd, but I had already been noticed that my surface is so much better, it’s soft and supple- it was like it was all dehydrated out before. It is amazing.I will turn 65 in the fall but I feel 20 year older.

I will turn 65 in the fall but I feel 20 years younger.

What does a usual date of eating and/ or fasting was like for you now? I typically merely eat two meals per day. I will usually have breakfast of something like eggs and bacon with a cup of chocolate with a bit of heavy cream. That will deter me all day.

I generally hop-skip lunch and just eat a keto dinner, one of the Diet Doctor recipes or some recipe that I “ve created” myself. It generally features a flesh protein with lots of vegetables.

I no longer eat any outcomes or cereals- that was killing me and compiling my blood sugar so high-pitched. I snacked a good deal of eggs, cheese, meats, and above-ground vegetables. I find the food highly satisfying and easy to do. I will munch this mode for the rest of my life.

Have you made any mistakes on your excursion( which you’ve learned from )? My mother died in the winter of 2019 and that was hard. It wasn’t like a full dip or anything, but I was just really sad. And at times like that you want what you think are comfort foods. I was lamenting and I turned to my old-time consolation menu. So I set off the diet for a few months.

I understood why it was happening. But soon I was gaining load and feeling very unwell again. And after a few months I realise I didn’t want those meat anymore. So I decided to go back to keto. When I started again the value came off and I felt better.

I want to be honest with people about this kind of thing. It takes a while to get healthy attires travelling and we can slip back into unhealthy wonts. And there is usually a ground. And then when you are honest about it, you know why it is happening, you can get back to the healthy habit.

Sometimes, especially at a religion role, I will now have something high-pitched carb that someone has saw- a piece of cake or pasty. I’ll precisely have a bite. I truly don’t require it. A burn is enough and then it’s right back to keto eating. I have tested my blood sugar at those durations and my blood sugar returns to ordinary very fast, so that is great. But I don’t want to eat that space for long.

I truly experience tracking everything. I research my blood sugar a few times a day because it is fun for me to see where I’m at. I track all my laboratory experiments so I can show my doctors my progress too.

Do you think exercise is necessary for success on low carb? When I began in october 2017 I felt too unwell to do any exercise.

As you start feeling so much better and losing all the extra weight, you time feel so much more comfortable moving and doing things.

I lost all the load without going to the gym or doing ponderous practise- it was all my diet- so it is not necessary to exert to lose weight.

But I now step a good deal with my spouse in a neighbourhood botanical garden, which I truly have liked to do. I am also trying to do a little bit of high-intensity interval training( HIIT)- nothing too much, but only doing bursts of act. When you feel good, you want to move.

What are your top three tips for people starting low-spirited carb? Well, my crown gratuity is to go to Diet Doctor, connect it, and follow everything it says.

I frankly considered that if I had not experienced Diet Doctor when I did, I would be dead by now. Diet Doctor saved my life and I thank God for resulting me to it. I is gonna be a Diet Doctor member for life!

I often get textbooks and emails from people who say “Your weight loss has really invigorated me, can you give me some tips-off? ” And I ever say: “Go to dietdoctor.com, affiliate the Two-Week Challenge. That’s where to start. Then follow the recipes, the dinner contrives. Diet Doctor offsets it easy.

My second tip-off is also about Diet Doctor: If you need motivation or muse, predicted the success legends because everyone can find someone who is just like them. I hope that some people verify themselves in my legend. I crave older people, those in their 60 s like me, who have had years of bad state and weight increase, to know that it is not too late. You can still have amazing reactions. It is not remedies that will fix you, it is food that lodges you.

My third tip is to keep track of all your state metrics like blood sugar, blood pressure, lab test solutions. That certainly is contributing to measure your progress and keep you engendered, at least it does for me. It likewise obliges it easy to show your doctor and to get them on board. My endocrinologist was so amazed at my progress that he actually went to Diet Doctor to learn more.


Congrats on your amazing success, Calvin! I am exhilarated that Diet Doctor played a role in transforming your state and giving you your life back. Keep up the great work, and impede sharing your fib as an example of the strength of a healthful lifestyle. Best,/ Dr. Bret Scher


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