FROM 90 kgs TO 60 kgs!!!! (I LOST 30 KGS!!)

I was at the lowest point in “peoples lives”, I gave up on my state.

School was hard for me.

I fought my totality school life with Toxic friends …

Bad evaluates because I wanted to do something more than …

Just sitting in a classroom and mugging up for my exams.

Huge business indebtednes that their own families was going through ..

So much pressing concluded me find solace and delight in meat.

Mentally, I gave up on my health because I was insecure and needed external validation from everybody else.

Always moody, exasperated and pee-pee with everyone who was happier than me.

Ruined so many good times of “peoples lives” simply because I did not like the mode I examine.

Everyone just heard me that Girl who is going to not much in life-time;

Because I was not enthusiastic enough;

Because I was not pretty enough;

Because I was not good at studying;

With all this, I Present UP …………..

Its one day, my own health started giving me a WARNING SIGN.

That’s when I realise I need to CHANGE.

I need to believe in myself to be the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF.

I knew no one believes in ME and my work.

That’s when I had to prove the world countries with people saying …….

“We will see”

Within only 6 months, I am at 60 Kg !!!!!!!!!!!

Did I go to a gym? NO.

Did I do any diets like gluten-free or whatever free lol? NO.

I did every exercising video there is on YouTube and change my food habits with small steps like supplementing less sugar in my tea and more ..

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost 30 KG in 6 months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in my happiest and the BEST explanation I ever been.

Got Better friends.

Out of institution to actually do what I love to do.

This is my story and your motivation to be the best you.

I know it is hard.

But Being Sad and Hating Yourself is much worse than not altering at all.

I am apprehensive to share my journey because I am usually the category to not share such a personal narrative

BUT I want to help person out there ….

Someone who is struggling to find a definition or determination in living ….

I promise you can do this.

What is your achievement that you are very proud of?

It does not matter if it’s tiny or big-hearted! Let me know! I would love to hear your fib too!

Wanna see my upshot? Now ismy weight loss video

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