16 Benefits of Bone Broth – order yours now!

Have you heard about the incredible health benefits of this century old miracle!

Broth is having a huge revival as a health food and is considered highly beneficial for gut health and joint health, among other benefits. It’s wholesome food, based mainly on free range, grass-fed bone broth. It’s the stuff your granny swore by; to keep the entire family strong and healthy.

Supporting your immune system starts with a healthy gut so it’s incredibly important to follow a clean and nutritious diet. 

With a busy lifestyle this is not always possible so adding bone broth to your weekly meal intake is a convenient way of restoring and supporting your immune system. But bone broth also has several other benefits including promoting weight loss, increased energy, hair & nail growth, restoring exercise capacity and much much more.

You can order your bone broth directly from Marrow!

Marrow will be available:
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Please note: You can also pick up your order at 13 Boundary Road, Newlands.

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Place your order now with Marrow to enjoy the best wholesome meals with great health benefits at home.

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