Vitamins and minerals: how long do they last and what destroys them?

It turns out that I have been lacking lots of different vitamins and minerals the last few decades, for various reasons( genes, coffee, red wine, weight loss diet, …). Now I’m trying to figure out how to eat more healthy, to avoid scarcities.

Anyway, what I am searching for is information about* how long vitamins last in nutrient, when fresh, dehydrated, canned, or frozen* what destroys vitamins, e.g. when cooking it* how to take augments. Fat-soluble vitamins should be taken with fats, right?* bad combos, like red wine and food, since apparently the booze destroys some( all ?) vitamins? Or breakfast and coffee?

Also, is it true that some combinations of vitamins will quash the absorption of other vitamins? Like taking B9 supplements may cause B1 2 shortfalls?

Same get for minerals: It may be broscience, or is it true that calcium curbs magnesium absorption, magnesium hushes zinc, and zinc suppress copper?

Another thing I wonder about is milk. I desire milk and milk is very nutritious on paper. Still, some say that all the phosphorus in milk blocks absorption of some of the nutrients. Is that remedy? Are there other same events?

Lots of questions, I know. I want to compile all this info and create a list and persist that register on the refrigerator for easy access. And share it more if anyone wants it, but the roster must be correct.

Please point me in the right direction. Book recommendations, is ideal for amateurs, are also very much appreciated.

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