Trade-offs of overweightness vs monotonous diet

I see a lot of value in varied diets. Of direction, gobbling a large variety of high quality menus is bound to keep you well rounded and ensure you have enough of each nutrient( discount those that we should be confine for the moment ). Better yet, the nutrients we aren’t actively well understood, as well as obscure phytochemicals will be expended in a wider variety.

However, I imagine this is somewhat of an optimization trouble. If you have a repetitious food( same menus each day but health, and includes proper servings of veggies and return – only less smorgasbord ), and maintain a bodyweight in the low-mid range of a Health Weight BMI( or dismissing BMI, and consider “Healthy BMI worth of bodyfat” ), at what extent of overweightness does the person or persons with the monotonous food live a healthier life than the slightly overweight counterpart who dines with mixture?

I know this question has no real rebuttal, but I contemplated I would frame it this road to inspire discussion around how important variety is, and if it can help enough to offset higher bodyweight.

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