Going Back to Work? Meal Prep, Work Clothes and Staying Healthy

It’s time to put on some real gasps: Departments are opening back up. More than a third of Americans are now working from residence during the pandemic.1 But in late March 2021, about a quarter of employees in the U.S.’ 10 biggest metropolis was in the office.2 And the number of beings getting back into their commutes–and the performance of their duties clothes–is growing every day.

man standing in front of back to work written on pavementAdjusting to a new routine is likely to be stressful, particularly with the added pres to fit back into old-fashioned make invests. In a survey conducted in February 2021, 42 percent of Americans reported undesired heavines income during COVID-1 9 quarantines, lockdowns and work-from-home time. Their average weight amplification: 29 pounds.3

If you want to attain those old-time, pre-pandemic work drapes fit like new again, Nutrisystem can help you get there. We take away the stress of banquet prep and scheduling while also plying an astonishing support system through one-on-one coaching, our FREE smart app and unlimited access to The Leaf Weight Loss Blog. Stop ordering takeout and get real nutrition with real appliance, so you can fit back into real throbs!

Be sure to also check out these simple gratuities to make going back to work a chance to get back into a healthier chore 😛 TAGEND When it comes to snack prep, be prepared with options and information.

At home, you can have both: You can load your fridge with options–healthy parts, pre-prepared lunches that fit your weight loss objectives and low-calorie, fulfilling snack possible options for when hungers strike. And you’re informed about what’s in there: You bought those health options!

But at the role, both are limited: You don’t have an entire refrigerator to keep furnished with various categories of picks. Plus, you don’t ever have information about desires that can pop up–a coworker might bring in a cake or bagels, or you might head out to a eatery for lunch. Get your banquet prep squared apart with these four easy stairs 😛 TAGEND 1. Pile on the Produce

healthy mason jar meal prep salad for going back to workEven the peculiars and help yourself stay on track when you clock on: Start with alternatives. And load those options with non-starchy vegetables. Nutrisystem representatives augment their Nutrisystem dinners and snacks with four helpings of these low-carb veggies–like cucumbers, seasonings, carrots and more–each day because they’re loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber, but they’re low-spirited on calories. The fiber helps keep you feeling full without satisfying out.

Fill your office’s fridge with pre-prepared vegetable alternatives you’ll enjoy–you can quickly impel these four Mason jar salad recipes on Sunday to have lunches for roughly the entire week that are ready to go. While you’re at it, you can chop up some other veggies you enjoy–maybe sweetened grape tomatoes or colorful pepper strips–to trough in a low-fat dressing when you’re stymie with a project or feeling snacky.

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2. Satisfying Snacks

Healthy snacks may be the most important option you can give yourself at the role: When you start to feel that 3 p. m. slump, it can be so easy to grab one of those coworker-brought bagels or affect the vending machine. Let Nutrisystem help instead: Choose sweet options like our Chocolate Chip Cookies, salty alternatives like the Smoky BBQ Crisps or snacks that incorporate both–like the Sweet and Salty Nut Bar–to give the bureau as numerous alternatives as you’d have at home.

3. Make-Ahead Meals

Nutrisystem chicken noodle soup with crackers and coffeeMeal prepping ahead of time can help you stay on track when it’s time to eat at the place. Power bowl recipes are great healthful lunch banquet prep alternative because they are easy to grab and disappear, yet heartier than a salad. You can also whip up various dishes of chicken in the slow cooker or on the grill to pair with steamed veggies all week long.

No time for cooking in your hectic, back to work routine? Make meal prep easier with a little help from Nutrisystem! Our perfectly segmented lunches necessitate little-to-no prep and are super lusciou. Made from aspect parts you’ll cherish, you’re sure to find a few go-to favorites that you can stock up on for those busy weekdays. You’ll conclude so many tasty alternatives, from soupsand sandwiches to meal tables, bowls and melts. Click now to explore our menu! >

4. Stay Informed

Once you’ve got your healthy meal prep underway, forearm yourself with report: When a coworker invites you to lunch or happy hour, you’re going to want to be there–it’s the first one in more than a year! So give yourself the info to concentrate on the experience without emphasizing about your succession: Look at the menu online before you head out, so you can see which alternatives fit with your weight loss plan. Calories aren’t listed? No anxieties: Use this simple Dining Out Guide to help you choose a banquet that will impede you on track.

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Don’t told “back in the office” mean you’re stuck in your work chair.

man back to work sitting at deskYou’ve been cooped up in your house for more than a year–don’t coop yourself up by chaining yourself to your table! Moving around for just 10 minutes can burn extra calories, of course, but it can also undo the damage from hours of sitting. Plus, according to a study, it gives people a raise of productivity that could clear you even more productive when you’re back at your desk. Here are three simple ways to get more steps and stay on task 😛 TAGEND 1. Invite a friend for a lunchtime go.

If you make 20 minutes to get outside, you’ll get more than a well-deserved break. You’ll give yourself a knock of vitamin D, improve your attitude and protect your brain from memory loss: In a nine-year study, scientists found that people who walked between 60 and 90 minutes a week cut their risk of developing memory loss in half. Here are 10 concludes to go for a amble today! >

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2. Fill a water bottle every hour or two.

woman holding water bottle while working on laptopYou’ll burn extra calories from the march, as well as from the ocean: A study from Germany found that drinking six beakers of cold water during the day helped participants burn 50 extra calories through the course of the day. Doesn’t seem like a ton of extra calories, but that’s 250 calories every occupation week, and 1,000 every month–which can definitely cure push you towards your goals. Check out these six intellects to stand up right now! >

3. Get up and go participate a coworker.

You’ve done enough Zoom calls for one lifetime. If you’re working on a task together, talking it out in person can shape communication easier. Walk to your coworker’s desk instead of tapping out an email or Slack message–and get the personal connection you’ve been missing while working from home.

After four weeks on Nutrisystem Personal Plans, 92% of beings report feeling in control of their eating .* Get back on track today! >

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* Results of questionnaire conducted as part of a clinical study.


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