Almond lovers alert: Get ready to pay more as CA farmers rip almond trees out of the ground as the drought worsens

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Almond Farmers in California Tear Up Crops Amidst Drought

In an aerial view, rows of almond trees be participating in the foot during an orchard removal job on May 27, 2021, in Snelling, Calif. As the shortage disaster takes hold in California, some farmers are having to remove cultivates who are in need of unwarranted watering due to a shortage of water in the Central Valley. A Central Valley farmer had 600 acres of his almond orchard removed and shredded and now plans to replace the almonds with a crop the requires less water

The ongoing drought in California has the state’s farmers stimulating some tough choices.

Water allocations for countless farmers have been cut to zero this year, and sea carries-over are delayed, forcing some farmers to choose one crop over another, in a number of cases, tearing up acres of crops that require unwarranted watering.

This year, California received one of the lowest statewide precipitation totals on record. This was compounded by a warm spring which molten much of the Sierra Nevada snowpack that typically feeds roughly 163 billion gallons of liquid into supplies, according to the Times Herald. This year’s snowpack is at 0% of regular, distributed according to CA.gov’s Snow Water Equivalents page.

As a arise, 87% of the West is under at least a moderate shortage, up from last year’s 40%, U.S. Drought Monitor reports. Most of California’s large-hearted pools are bracing less than half their capacities, and professionals blame climate change impacts and this year’s La Nina.

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