Protein — what’s the science behind the wide range of recommendations?

A little while ago I started deliberately increasing my protein intake to help with some adolescent weight loss ( 8 pounds down, about 4 to go !). Despite the deliberate increase, I disbelieve that I’m getting more than 20 -2 5% of calories from protein, usually less. I’ve gone back and forth on the importance of protein. When I was younger, I strayed toward a principally vegetarian food and are of the view that I was getting enough protein that way( I know that you are eligible to but I don’t thoughts I undoubtedly was ). Now I’m gobbling more meat again, but my husband and son are vegetarians, and I was concern that they don’t get enough protein … just like my mother ever used to fret about when I was a child. We are all physically active and I’m not young( 50 ).

The recommendations I’ve interpreted range from 10 -3 5% of calories( plus one weight loss diet that recommends 40% protein, but that’s an outlier ). For grams per unit of mas force, it ranges from 0.36 grams of protein per pound or 0.8 grams per kg to triple that amount.

Has anyone seen a strong argument for feeing on the lower or higher boundary of that scope?

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