What’s the opinion on clean Keto? Plenty of low carb veg, moderate protein and healthy fats.

Hey tribes I’m interested to see what your thoughts are on a clean-living keto diet contrive.

I know keto gets a bad package because of the whole “bacon and egg diet” idea which seems to be spread online.

I’ve seen a lot of morbidly obese beings have success with it and I’m relatively good shape for my sizing but unquestionably looking to slim down.

I’ve done a lot of research on it and I contemplate the best approach is to keep it clean as possible and essentially just abbreviate carbs destroyed.

Typically day of eating for me is 2-3 eggs with some light-green leafy veg and avocado drizzled with a mix of avocado, MCT and olive oil.

Black coffee

Fat shake – coconut milk, oils from Above, chocolate gunpowder, stevia, frozen berries, psyllium straw pulverization.

Lunch/ dinner

A steak/ chicken thigh/ salmon component which sauteed greens.

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