Amla (dried Indian gooseberry) vs. Lipitor for Lowering Cholesterol

Extracts of amla( Indian gooseberry) were pitted head-to-head against cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and the blood thinners aspirin and Plavix.

Indian gooseberries, otherwise known as amla, have been touted as everything from a cancer boxer to a whisker tonic to a refrigerant.( A refrigerant? Like Freon ?) Amla’s even been labeled a serpent toxin detoxifier–but based on what kind of research? I discuss this in my video Flashback Friday: Amla vs. Treats for Cholesterol, Inflammation,& Blood-Thinning .

Yes, dietary uptake of both turmeric and amla “increases life span”–of fruit flies. Do we really care about the effect of amla on the lifespan or the “sexual behavior, ” for that are important, of outcome flies? How do you even study the sex demeanor of return flies? Why, only introduce “a damsel girl and bachelor-at-arms male…into an Elens-Wattiaux mating chamber, ” don’t you know?( Can you imagine having an insect mating cavity listed when you are? And it looks like there were two parties opposing over appointing rights so they had to go with both !)

Okay, so virgin mary female and bachelor-at-arms male are in the chamber. Now it’s precisely a matter of getting out a stopwatch. As “youre seeing” at 1:06 in my video Amla vs. Pharmaceuticals for Cholesterol, Inflammation, and Blood-Thinning, 20 minutes is the average “copulation duration, ” but it was almost a half-hour on amla. What’s more, amla lowered the “mating latency, ” the time from when they were introduced to each other in the chamber to when they started getting busy, from ten down to seven seconds. Seconds? They don’t mess around! Well, actually, they do mess around–and quite rapidly.

And, on amla, they lay more eggs and more of those eggs spawn into larva. But, just as you probably don’t think about flies when you examine amla is “the best medicine to increase the life span, ” you’re probably not belief more maggots when “youre reading” that amla may have a “potent aphrodisiac effect.”

Now, there was a study, as I demo at 1:56 in my video, that found astonishing improvements in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in actual humen, but that was compared to placebo. What about compared to simvastatin, a contributing cholesterol-lowering drug sold as Zocor? Treatment with the medicine “produced significant reduction” in cholesterol, as one would expect, but so did the amla. In fact, you could hardly tell which was which. There was only about a 10 to 15 percentage drop in total and LDL cholesterol, but the amla dose in this study was only 500 milligrams, which is about a one-tenth of a teaspoon, and it wasn’t exactly the powdered outcome, but the pulverized liquor of the result, which may have made a difference.

How about versus Lipitor, the cholesterol-lowering drug known as atorvastatin? As I indicate at 2:50 in my video , no effects of taking placebos were seen, but there were significant improvements for the narcotic and also for two different dosages of amla, but again only a drop of about 15 percentage or so. Did the researchers use the juice again? No. Even worse, “theyre using” a patented extract of amla, so instead of costing 5 pennies a era, it was 50 cents a day and didn’t even seem to work as well. Though, because of this proprietary produce, at least someone is willing to pony up the funds to do the research.

It’s like the cancer story. For Indian gooseberries “to become related clinically, ” investigates are praying for “patentable derivatives” to be synthesized. “Without the possibility of patents, the pharmaceutical industry will undoubtedly not invest” in the research. Their stockholders wouldn’t give them. It’s patents over patients. But, without that study, how can we ever prove its worth–or worthlessness, for that are important? So, interest by the drug and supplement manufactures in patenting natural food product rectifies is a double-edged sword. Without it, there would never have been the study showing not only interests for cholesterol but also for arterial run, as “youre seeing” at 4:04 in my video, reducing artery stiffness in the two amla extract groups and the dose group, but not the placebo, as well as a dramatic drop in inflammation, with C-reactive protein ranks cut in half. So, amla–or at least amla extracts–“may be a good therapeutic alternative to statins in diabetic patients with endothelial[ vein] dysfunction because it has the beneficial effects of the statins but without the well known adverse effects” of the pharmaceuticals, including muscle impair and liver dysfunction.

The amla extract was also compared to the blood-thinning pharmaceuticals aspirin and Plavix, which are often prescribed after heart attack, and achieved about three one-fourths of the same platelet aggregation inhibiting impact as the drugs, hugely increasing bleeding and coagulating time–that is, the time it takes you to stop dripping after going protruded with a needle. This is actually a good thing if you have a stent or something you don’t want to clog up, but it didn’t thin the blood outside the normal range, so it may not overly create the risk of major bleeding.

Amla extract too appears to decrease the effects of stress on the heart. Researchers had beings plunge their hands into sparkler water and to be maintained there until the sting became “unbearable, ” which causes your veins to constrict and your blood pressure to go up–but not as much if you’re taking an amla extract. Good to know for your next frost pail challenge.

I profile the study that used the whole fruit in my video The Best Food for High Cholesterol.

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