10 Ideas for a Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day

While giving a thoughtful acquaint is a great way to show your kindnes, there’s nothing quite like the knack of the creation of recollections. Spend this Mother’s Day having fun, going healthful and bonding with the important women in your life. Whether it’s your mom, grandmother or mother-in-law, there are many ways to celebrate this important day.

Our health and wellness professionals at The Leaf have put together a register of 10 unique tasks that promote well-being, delight and really having a plain aged a good time. We know you don’t want to show up to mom’s mansion drain passed, so we’ve also included careful knack ideas and some delicious and healthy holiday recipes to go with each creative undertaking. Your mother will adore the fact that you’re spending valuable season with her and she will surely appreciate your gentle campaigns!

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Celebrate Mother’s Day the healthful space with these 10 activities and gift doctrines: 1. Life is a Picnic


Bring to life some healthful picnic opinions at the common! Put together a banquet that’s complete with the works. Fill up a basket with some yummy and healthy picnic menus, snacks, sandwiches and beverages and give a cozy quilt to sit on. Don’t forget to pack plates, napkins, utensils and bug spraying! Find a nice blot under the shade and enjoy the springtime sail working in partnership with great speech and aspect time.

The Leaf Gift Idea: Surprise mom with these health, homemade snacks and desserts that are portable, picnic-ready and yummy. Check out the recipe opinions below for some tasty wellness inspiration!

3-Step Cinnamon Pecan Cookies > No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bites > Cannoli Stuffed Strawberries > 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cups > Zucchini Fritters with Soy Dipping Sauce > Smoked Salmon Cucumber Cups >~ ATAGEND

2. Move with Mom

Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas and Gifts

If your mummy is into fitness, schedule a enjoyable total organization workout class that you can take together. Group exercisings are a fun way to strengthen your bodies and relationships. Break a sweat and have fun at a supremacy yoga class, spin class, Zumba or aerobics. Dancing is another huge low impact pleasure that countless moms experience. You could pate to a community line dancing class and learn something new while you appoint memories.

The Leaf Gift Idea: Gift your fitness-loving mom a new colorful yoga rug, reusable water bottle or a brand-new planned of dumbbells. Get inspired by our inventory of Must-Have Fitness Gear! >

3. Spoil Her Shopping

Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas and Gifts

Take a expedition to the mall and patronize’ til you fell! In addition to spoiling your mummy with some new trash, you’ll both come exert as plaza hikers, trekking from store to collect. Make the day all about mom and cause her select where she wants to shop. If you’re not the very best at picking out talents, this will permit her to choose exactly what she wants.

The Leaf Gift Idea: Let mom explore the mall and pick out a brand-new handbag, part of jewelry or attire. You could also treat her to a endowment poster to her favorite store.

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4. Munch on Brunch Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas and Gifts

Is it even Mother’s Day if brunch isn’t involved? Hit the road and principal to mom’s favorite restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Just make sure to check out our Breakfast Dining Out Guide before you require! If your mom’s feeling shiftles( she’s allowed, it’s her daytime !), discus her to a healthy breakfast in berthed. The Leaf Weight Loss Blog is filled with health breakfast suggestions that are worthy of a fanciful brunch. She will love our recipes for Loaded Omelet Muffins, Cauliflower Breakfast Hash and Churro French Toast Rollups. You can even oblige her a warm load of flapjacks with Nutrisystem High Protein Pancake Mix!

The Leaf Gift Idea: While she’s digging into her breakfast in bed, give mummy the endow of ease with a new weighted covering. According to Healthline, weighted rugs may help to relieve stress, sorenes and insomnia.

5. Get to Work Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas and Gifts

Now is the perfect time to complete all of those projects your mother has been asking about! Do her springtime emptying by scrubbing the lavatory, washing the windows and planning the pantry. Paint that old bathroom she’s been wanting to redo and replenish members of this house with fresh flowers. Speaking of blooms, flower some brand-new ones in her garden and get the yard ready for spring. You can also help mom plant some healthy veggies and herbs in the backyard or indoors in pots.

Learn more about the surprising benefits of gardening and exert your green thumb with momma this Mother’s Day. You can also try other outdoor tasks for a entertaining and fertile home workout: Mow the lawn, smooth the leaves and finish any other tasks she needs done. You’ll get a good total body workout and mom will be happy with her freshly cleansed dwelling!

The Leaf Gift Idea: If she’s got a green thumb, give mom to some brand-new stylish gardening equipment for tending heydays and vegetables.

6. Tea Time

tea time

Catch up with mom over a cup of sizzling tea. Head to a local teahouse and sip on some chai with biscuits or grab grandma’s favorite relic teapot and brew your own at home. In addition to enjoying a tasty beverage, tea equips many health benefits. Harmonizing to Medical News Today, dark-green tea has been shown to decrease the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Learn more about why you and momma should booze light-green tea this Mother’s Day! >

The Leaf Gift Idea: A new tea move with a beautiful scheme is the perfect gift for a tea-loving mom. She’ll be brewing up her own health tea at home and inviting you over for weekly tea time.

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7. Farmer’s Market Fun

farmer's market

Pick up momma and thought to the local farmer’s sell! Treat her to some of her favorite items and get some exercise as you walk around shopping. Let her pick out some brand-new fresh flowers for the garden-variety or hall. Fill up a basket of fresh, regional create for her weekly snack strategy. Keep your seeing out for other unique, locally made goodies and craftsmanships like candles, wreaths and other seasonal decor. Find out how to know what produce is in season this spring! >

The Leaf Gift Idea: Before you get to browsing, endowment momma a brand-new patronize tote bag to crowd with her farmer’s grocery learns! While you’re there, buy her favorite heydays, fruit and anything else she demo interest in.

8. Self-Care Sunday

self-care sunday

Don’t underestimate the importance of self-care. Drop mom off at the spa for a Mother’s Day filled with rubs, facials and loosening. Take her to the salon to get her fuzz done, followed by a mani-pedi. She will adore coming pampered and spending time with you.

The Leaf Gift Idea: Create a self-care gift basket filled with face masks, soaps, essential oils, candles, a new book and a palatial bathroom robe with coincide slippers.

9. Explore the Great Outdoors

Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas and Gifts

Take advantage of the springtime climate with a entertaining hiking workout, saunter at the ballpark or bike ride. You could even ability to a neighbourhood botanical garden or arboretum to gaze at the beautiful buds and trees. Get active and cause memories with an outdoor adventure that you both enjoy.

The Leaf Gift Idea: Help mom stay active with a new task tracker! This will permit her to track her steps and pleasure with an easy-to-use tool that are contributing to health.

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10. Dinner Date

Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas and Gifts

Cook a healthy meal together and experience some character experience this Mother’s Day. Try some of these easy, health and delicious dinner recipes with mummy! > If you both aren’t in the mood to cook, head out on the town and dine out at your mom’s favorite diner. Check out our Dining Out Guide to ensure you make a health alternative and don’t forget to pick up the check at the end of the light!

The Leaf Gift Idea: If your father beloveds to cook, discuss her to that brand-new fix contraption that she has been eyeing. Maybe she wants to try out an air fryer or whip up quick and easy meals in an Instant Pot. She will love the gesture and brand-new addition to providing her healthful kitchen.

See for more wellness and lifestyle gratuities this Mother’s Day? Look no further! Our lifestyle and weight loss professionals at The Leaf are here to help you and mom achieve your weight loss points and overall health and pleasure this spring!

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