How to Build the Perfect Smoothie

We know what you’re suppose: Merely flings some result, ice and milk or liquor into a blender, hit’ puree’ and voila! You have a good-for-you smoothie. And you’re right–some smoothies can be a healthful one of the purposes of your food schedule. But as simple as they are to impel, generate a health smoothie that actually supports your weight loss can be a challenge. Too much fruit can add up to too many calories and liquids are often loaded with carbohydrate. That’s why we’re here to show you how to do the perfect smoothie that fits into your Nutrisystem plan!

Here at The Leaf Weight Loss Blog, we affection a peaches-and-cream, dreamy smoothie that’s filled with fresh fruity flavor. We even devoted an entire part of our Recipe Center to Shakes, Smoothies and Drinks. Click here to check them out! >

Smoothie making is somewhat of an art and it’s fun to be drawn up with new savory combinings. You can easily cause your own custom smoothie with our simple formula.

Check out the infographic below to find out how to build a better smoothie for the excellent harmonize of nutrition and spice:

how to build the perfect smoothie

Learn more about each element of our smoothie formula below: Fruit

You get a lot of critical vitamins and minerals, but don’t go overboard with your portions–check your Nutrisystem Grocery Guide if you’re unsure just how much to add.

Some good options 😛 TAGEND

Apple( 1 medium) Banana( 1 medium) Berries( 1 goblet) Kiwifruit( 2 medium) Mango( 1 cup chopped) Peaches( 1 cup sliced) Pineapple( 1 goblet chopped)

Tasty Tip: Include frozen outcomes to compile your smoothie coldnes, instead of plain age-old, nutrient-devoid ice.

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Add a satisfactory root of protein to help boost energy and impede blood sugar steady.

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Nonfat or soy yogurt( 1 cup) Cottage cheese( 1/2 cup) Tofu( 1/2 goblet) Peanut butter( 1 Tbsp .) Whey or soy protein pulverization( 2 Tbsp .)

Tasty Tip: Nutrisystem Proteins and Probiotic Shake Mix procreates delicious smoothies and is the perfect way to pump up the protein in your liquid. They come in chocolate or vanilla and cater 21 vitamins and minerals, 15 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. Click now to stock up! >


Amp up your smoothie’s nutritional cost without computing a lot of calories. Note: the more veggies you compute, the less sugared your smoothie will be.

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Spinach( 1 cup) Kale( 1 goblet) Carrots( 1 beaker) Beets( 1 beaker) Celery( 2 branches)

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Dairy and nondairy alternatives give more nutrition and less sugar than juice. Nonetheless, if liquid is your preference, restraint the to be used to a half-cup and make sure to add a half-cup of outcome instead of one full beaker. If you do opt for milk or soy milk instead of unsweetened almond milk, bounce the additional protein listed above.

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Nonfat or glide milk( 1 cup) Unsweetened almond milk or soy milk( 1 cup) 100% fruit juice( 1/2 bowl)


Spice up your smoothie with some delectable add-ins! Spices, herbs and obtains can pump up the spice influence, while seeds can add some extra crunch.

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Cinnamon( 1 tsp .) Ginger( 1 tsp .) Cayenne( 1 tsp .) Fresh heap( 1 handful) Obtain- vanilla, almond, peppermint, etc.( 1-2 discontinues) Chia( 1 tsp .) Flax grains( 1 tsp .) Coconut flecks( 1 tsp .)

If you come up with your own delicious smoothie creation, please share! You can defer your recipe and a picture of your smoothie on our Recipe Submission page. Your recipe could be featured right here on The Leaf Weight Loss Blog for everyone to enjoy! Click here to submit your recipes >

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