How to Reduce Your TMAO Levels

Should we be concerned about high-choline plant foods such as broccoli creating the same lethal TMAO that results from eating high-choline animal foods such as eggs?

Choline- and carnitine-rich foods–meat, eggs, and dairy–can be proselytized by our intestine vegetation into trimethylamine, which in our livers is then turned into TMAO, a harmful combination that may increase our probability of coronary failure, kidney lack, and atherosclerosis, or heart attacks and strokes. The good story, though, is that this “opens up exciting new nutritional and interventional prospects” for prevention, as I discuss this in my video How to Reduce Your TMAO Levels.

Okay, so how do we do it? Well, if our bowel bacteria can take meat, dairy, and eggs and turn them into TMAO, all we have to do is…destroy our bowel botany! We could give beings antibiotics to eliminate the production of TMAO. However, that could also kill our good bacteria and “facilitate the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains.”

What about probiotic complements? Maybe if we add good bacteria, they will crowd out the ones that make the meat, egg, and dairy complexes and turn them into the TMA that our liver turns into TMAO. But, that doesn’t work. Adding good bacteria doesn’t seem to get rid of the bad. What if we supplemented brand-new bacteria that could somehow siphon off the TMA made by the bad bacteria? Well, there’s a bacterium within the nerves of cows and sheep that turns trimethylamine into methane. Could we use that bacterium to get rid of some of the trimethylamine from our intestine, like a cow fecal displace? There’s a problem with that. If it didn’t take, you’d have to keep contribute it to people: “Continuous administrations would be required if topics do not become colonized.” So, might the fact that Consumer Reports found fecal contamination in every sample of beef it tested is a good one? No. Methane-producing bacteria may be able to eat up our TMAO, but, regrettably, these bacteria may be associated with various categories of diseases, from gum ailment down to colorectal cancer, as “youre seeing” at 2:15 in my video.

If antibiotics and probiotics aren’t going to work to prevent gut bacteria from taking meat, dairy, and eggs and turning them into the trimethylamine, which our liver utters TMAO out of, I suspect we have no choice but to cut down on…our liver serve!

That was the billion-dollar answer to cholesterol. The same foods–meat, dairy, and eggs–raise our cholesterol, but dietary change isn’t very profitable. So, the dope manufacture developed statin medicines that cripple the liver’s enzyme that performs cholesterol. Could “pharmacologic inhibition” of the enzymes in our liver that see TMAO “potentially serve as a therapy for CVD[ myocardial infarction] gamble reduction”? Trimethylaminuria is a genetic surrounding in which this enzyme is naturally impaired, in which there is a build-up of trimethylamine in the bloodstream. The difficulty is that trimethylamine is so stinky it sees you smell like “dead fish.” So, “given the known adverse effects…from sufferers of fish odor ailment, the untoward odorous side effects of inhibiting this enzyme make it a less beautiful[ stimulant] target.”

Do we have to choose between smelling like dead fish or suffering from heart and kidney disease? If exclusively there were some other way we could stop this process from happening. Well, what do those with trimethylaminuria often do to cut down trimethylamine elevations? They stop eating animal products.

About a third of those who complain of bad figure odor despite good personal hygiene test positive for the condition, but increasing or eliminating flesh, egg, and dairy uptake can be a real lifesaver. But, opened what we now know about how lethal the end product TMAO can be for ordinary people, cutting down on animal commodities may not just save the social lives of people with a rare genetic defect, but help save everyone else’s actual lives.

The “simplest point of intervention” is to simply limit the intake of meat rich in choline and L-carnitine, which “can be an effective strategy to limit circulating TMAO.” But, wait! We could always “ve been trying to” genetically engineer a bacterium that eats up trimethylamine, but “the simplest and safest recommendation” may only be to eat more healthfully. You can fully eliminate carnitine from the food, since our body makes all we need, but choline is an essential nutrient so we do need some. Thankfully, we can get all we need in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and nuts. “However excess choline, such as that found in eggs, may be worth avoiding.”

Need we worry about high-choline plant foods, like broccoli? Consumption of cruciferous vegetables is associated with a significantly longer life and less cardiovascular disease mortality, as “youre seeing” at 5:34 in my video. To investigate “whats going on”, investigates took the vegetable highest in choline, brussels sprouts, and had beings eat two bowls a daylight for three weeks. What happened? Their TMAO elevations actually went down. It is about to change that brussels sprouts appear to naturally downregulate that TMAO liver enzyme–not enough to originate you stinky, but just enough to decline TMAO.

And, people who eat wholly plant-based may not make any TMAO at all–even if you try. You can give a vegan a steak, which contains both choline and carnitine, and there will not even be a bump in TMAO because vegetarians and vegans have different gut microbial parishes. If we don’t eat steak, then we don’t foster the growth of steak-eating bacteria in our bowel. So forget the cow–how about going a fecal graft from a vegan? From a TMAO standpoint, we may not have to eat like a vegan as long as we poop like one.

Can you sense my thwarting as I predict paper after article proposing those ludicrous( but fruitful !) rebuttals when the safe, simple, side-effect-free solution was looking them in the face the whole time? It procreates me think of so many parallels , not the least of who the hell is 😛 TAGEND

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