Dan Marino’s Game Plan for Success

Just like football, weight loss requires a strategy. Who knows better about a successful game plan than a Hall of Fame Quarterback? Long-term Nutrisystem ambassador Dan Marino shares his Getting Started Game Plan for a weight loss win. From perfecting your playbook to cower with a coach-and-four, check out Dan’s top tips-off for success on Nutrisystem.

1. Get the NuMi App

man using numi app on smart phone

Every player needs a playbook. For Nutrisystem, that playbook is the NuMi app. It’s our FREE tracking app that’s easy to use and fits perfectly into your weight loss game plan.

Easily keep track of your daily meal plan, sea intake, exercise and weight loss progress in one organized situate. NuMi also has fun tracking both the challenges and renders easy be made available to health recipes, The Leaf and our a la carte shop. You even has the option of coming a surprise message from Dan himself!” The NuMi app is full of wages and gratuities to keep you caused ,” says Dan.

NuMi 101: A Extensive Guide to Our Free Tracking App

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2. Call a Coach

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Your Nutrisystem plan is simple. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. “Nutrisystem is more than exactly meat, ” says Dan. “It’s a ended system.” That’s why we give one-on-one coaching with instructed Weight Loss Coaches that are available for your supporter every step of the road.” They have tutors to answer any questions when you have them ,” shows Dan.

Whether you’re a Nutrisystem rookie or a seasoned player, our Coaches are here to guide you, cause you and supporting you. Even if you fumble and fell out of the weight loss track, they can help you get back in the game.” They’ll help you create your own best game plan, ” says Dan.” I want to give a shout out to the many dedicated coaches who help people every day .”

You can reach out to a Weight Loss Coach by phone, online chat or email right here! >

3. Set Goals

goal setting notebook

Get your foreman in the weight loss game by setting realistic goals that retain you caused!” When you fulfill specific aims that you have and assure the difference in your person and how “youre feeling”, it only gets you pumped up ,” explains Dan.” It gets you really excited about losing more value and working harder at it and continuing to see how your person varies .”

Tackle your goals and achieve them every time with our simple programme! >

4. Stick to the Game Plan

Dan Marino

Whether you’re playing football or trying to lose weight, a game plan is key to success. Nutrisystem for Men provides you with a game plan for eating that’s simple, fulfilling and specially designed to help chaps lose weight.” Nutrisystem for Men is so easy to stick to. The menu is great and you get to eat routinely ,” territories Dan.

Your weight loss plan allows you to eat every two to three hours. Make sure to follow the daily plan in your NuMi app and eat all of the meat recommended to stave off hunger and craves. During the first week, you will feed five times per day( three meals and two snacks ). Extending into week two, you get to eat six times a day( three meals and three snacks ). Dan explains,” The snacks and shakes in-between banquets helps you beat hunger throughout the day. You feel full because you are eating all day long .”

One-Week Sample Menu for Men

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5. Stay Hydrated

two glass of water

Any athlete will tell you that staying hydrated is key to their performance. The same thing applies to weight loss progress: Drinking spray can help you achieve your goals. That’s why we recommend boozing 64 ounces of water every day on Nutrisystem for Men.

Score a touchdown on your daily water points by setting a personalized reminder in the NuMi app. You can also invest in a athletics water bottle that’s easy to make with you on the go.

Pro Tip: You can get a FREE Nutrisystem water bottle just for downloading the NuMi app!

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6. Get Moving

man walking outside on a path

Exercise isn’t required to lose weight on Nutrisystem for Men but it can really help to move things along. After week one, we encourage 30 times of physical act each day.

“Get off the couch and start rehearsal, ” says Dan. “I’ve been devoting epoch on the recumbent motorcycle to add flexibility to my knees due to surgery. I’m too going and can’t wait to get on the golf course! ”

Go for a walk around the neighborhood or incorporate some persuasivenes training into your chore. Precisely try to get up and move around every day. “It’s going to change your life and it’s going to make a difference. You’ll see it, and you’ll get excited about it and you’ll want to continue to do it, ” shows Dan.

Pro Tip: Try splitting your 30 times of activity into three 10 -minute increments throughout the day. This is the perfect solution if you have a busy schedule or are new to exert. Get started with these 10 -minute workouts! >

7. Power Up With Protein

grilled chicken breast on a cutting board

A meal plan high in protein will continue you quenched, electrified and ready to get back in the game. Protein is also more thermogenic than carbohydrates and paunches, implying it requires more vigour for digesting and absorbing. This means that you’ll burn more calories dining a high-protein food compared to something higher in carbs and fat.

Your Nutrisystem menu combined with your favorite grocery adds-on is provided with the protein you need to achieve your goals. In week two, make sure to start incorporating lean protein PowerFuels like grilled chicken, eggs and low-fat cheese. Dan likes to stock up on Nutrisystem Protein and Probiotic Shakes so that he always has a quick and easy PowerFuel option on hand.

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8. Pick Your Line-Up

Nutrisystem Hamburgers with different toppings

What procreates Nutrisystem so special is that you don’t have to give up your favorite menus to lose weight. Being able to choose your top selects and munch your favorite snacks and snacks manufactures it easier to stick to the game plan and realise success.

Month one is all about trying different menu items and obtaining what the hell are you cherish. When it comes time for your second fiat, make sure to take full advantage of the customization that your planned earmarks and select your second month line-up. “You can pick your own food and establish your own menu, ” excuses Dan.” The burgers and the ice cream and all the different choices “youve had” becomes it most exciting. I think that the variety originates you want to work at it even more .”

What does Dan’s monthly succession include?” The pastas are my favorite ,” he says.” And you got to love the burgers !”

9. Follow Nutrisystem on Social Media

Dan Marino

Add some game-changing content to your social media feed by following Nutrisystem on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Whether you’re looking for meal plan gratuities or an a la carte deal, our sheets are the place to go for all things Nutrisystem.

Join in on fun giveaways for a chance to score some magnificent free material( believe gift cards, Nutrisystem food and aura fryers ). Tune into frequent Facebook Live occurrences for expert weight loss advice from Nutrisystem dietitians. Plus, be the first to know about brand-new meat starts and get Nutrisystem hackers to keep things interesting. You can also connect with other parties on the plan for even more support and motive!

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