Dr. Bret Scher and Kristie Sullivan talk higher protein


Have you heard the report? Diet Doctor is recommending that you prioritize protein in your low-carb diet for even more effective weight loss.

And we’re too starting recipes, dinner means, guides, and other material to help you decide how much protein best dress your state and weight-loss goals.

What’s behind this expansion of our presents and the increased focus on protein? What does this mean for you in your day-to-day snacks?

Recently, Medical Director Dr. Bret Scher and Recipe Content Creator Kristie Sullivan answered some of these questions in a Facebook live speech on Diet Doctor’s Facebook group.

If you are a Diet Doctor member, you can access the 30 -minute conversation at any time by simply be present at the private member Facebook group and clicking the Events invoice at the top of the sheet. Scrolling through past occurrences, you will see the March 11 link to their recorded discussion.

Or, you can click here to access an edited record of their amusing and instructive discussion.

Bret describes the rationale for increasing protein, such as greater loss of body fat and preservation of lean muscle. Importantly, by prioritizing protein, you may prevent weight loss stops.

Kriste shares how she has been experimenting with higher protein dinners the past few months, what she has procured easy, and what she has concluded challenging. She too shares that by increasing the amount of protein she has been chewing, she has indeed been able to lose a few more pounds.

If you are interested in finding out whether a higher intake of protein in your daily meals is the right choice for you, check out their chat.

As well, explore some of Diet Doctor’s other riches smothering higher protein, such as the new high protein meal plan and the recent news article about protein professional Dr. Ted Naiman joining the company.

The following ushers will too help you understand how and why to increase protein in your low-carb or keto banquets 😛 TAGEND

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