Questions on Health Coaching – Nutrition Bachelors

I am interested in becoming a health coach since I have a Bachelors in Nutrition and Food Science since May 2017 when I graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Currently, I am in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics certificate program in my alma mater and will get my dietetic verification evidence in December 2021 when I graduate. I also heard that get dietetic internships are extremely competitive. So I may be a RD2B but it depends due to different obstacle – if I get the internship and the RD exam. Anyway, what are good health coaching guaranteed planneds? What do ICF and NBHWC mean? Does the state coaching program have to be NBHWC or ICF Master Level Certified in order to get a health coach job( I look the certifications as a task requirement in Indeed )? What does accreditation make? What do the various means entail? Do the curriculums include how to get hired as a state coach? What are the price places of the state coaching certification curricula? I identified that some of these programs can be very expensive such as the the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is likely to be $5,000 -6, 000. What do you think of Wellcoaches, Health Coach Institute, or Dr. Sears Institute of Integrative Health? Thanks.

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