3 Incredible Specials from One-Juice this April

One-Juice is celebrating with rousing specials for the entire month of April!

Known for their yummy cold-pressed, fresh liquors and smoothies devoured as a health nutrition boozing or as one of the purposes of a detox and weight loss planneds, One-Juice is always keen to provide the best value to their loyal customers.

Regular Purify

From R8 99.00 From R7 99.00

You should choose this cleanse if you’re looking to lose weight, diet, or to detox. The Regular cleanse has been specifically designed to provide you with merely the right amount of goodness to help you to feel you again. It further assists with clearing brain fog, feeling rehabilitated and assists in losing heavines. It’s bundled with vitamins to help you to get back to the best version of you.

Weight Loss Cleanse

From R1, 299.00 From R1, 199.00

Weight Loss Regular Cleanse

You used to select the Weight Loss Regular Cleanse if you’re a brand-new or existing juicer who is looking to lose weight. This cleanse has been designed to be an’ easy’ cleanse, to help ease your figure into doing liquid purges, whilst helping you to achieve your weight loss points.

7 Day Weight Loss Journey

The 7 Day Weight Loss Journey is more advanced. This cleanse is designed for a calorie deficit of 1200 calories per period ensuing in 2-3 kg lost. You will down 6 juices and a health soup at the end of the day.

Plant Protein Shakes

R8 49.00 R799. 00

You should choose this box if you are looking for a health plant-based and ready-to-drink protein shake. Proteins are the key operators for sporting achievement, state, and retrieval. A dairy-free plant-based shake is the perfect meal replacement very. Improves the absorption of the nutrients from the food that is compatible with your muscles.

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