I feel lost, and don’t know what to do

Like the entitle says, I feel lost and am not sure what to do. Here’s some back storey to the situation, I’m a young teenage who has already woken up and seen behind the Veil. I rehearse musing and talk about philisophical investigations almost every day and I’m a relatively quiet and material person. I likewise ought to have do a mediterianing keto diet for nearly 2 years and be concerned about my health alot, however something prepared me all the sudden get overcome with fear. I was in health class one morning and the professor was schooling us about the human heart, myocardial infarction, and heart attacks. He went into amense detail about coronary thrombosis and said it can happen to anyone, and for some reason those couple of words stuck with me. As I was sitting there in my desk I began to ask myself what it would be like to go to sleep and never wake up. For one ground or another this scared me and stirred me feel genuine fear, something I haven’t felt in years, and I “ve no idea” why. I began to have somewhat of a panic attack and felt scared the rest of the day, that I would just drop onto the floor and never wake up. I reviewed I had gotten over the fear of death long ago but maybe not.

Its been a couple of eras now of this same reputed decoration and I only can’t shake it, its “the worlds largest” agonizing thing. There’s good-for-nothing I can do, I feel like I’m caught inside of myself. Each time I sit down and think about tying it I panic and my dresser comes tight and I begin to worry non stop. I told someone I knew about this, and they were able to see what I was going through and all they did was simply laugh. They tittered and told me that I am so used to controlling my life and being able to fix things through musing or self-discipline, and now soul has given me a situation in which I have no see what so ever.

My question is what do I do, or need to understand.

This is my first time posting in a really long time so thanks for generating it a speak 🙂

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