minds inner integration and aligment knowing thyself


A community of men can be likened to a network of computers; each calculating, mailing, and obtain information from one another.

Your collaborators or spread social networks processing speeding materials; as an expression of the results of their intellects will feed into yours, curing it, or demoralizing it with Malware. however in this chapter we chiefly consider your personal mind administration performance without external interference, in order to evaluate/ promote your personal information processing skill level.

Your computational paraphernalium or knowledge CPU speeds

your total intellectual processing is composed of 3 ingredients/ or layers

– your Awareness processing: move/ supercomputer fast?

– your Subconscious processing: hurrying/ 100 x faster

-your Super intentional processing: fast/ infinite?

Is it most entitling/ best to align your conscious aims with your subconscious/ subconscious points? and subordinate these to the muses of your super-conscious.

What is the super conscious 😕 a still small-scale nonviolent articulate of inner knowing ,? your highest inspiration and models ,? a gues counseling from a dream seeing or personal omen ,? a deep gumption gleaned from others, whose messages fill you with clarity and peace?

High functioning Levels of mental integration and sophistication

Top Level o

To make sure to spend time everyday quiet enough to allow your conscious psyche to be able to hear or remember and latch onto and follow the moaned induces of the super conscious is an endlessly most complicated practice to live than

lower middle level mental sophistication

is to allow your conscious thinker to quiet enough to discern what are and then latch onto and following your deep set/ instinctual/ sub awareness aims including social and physical existence and personal gaiety is

upper middle mental sophistication

is to allow your awareness thinker to quiet enough to discern& tease out what are of higher and lower degree of importance among your depth sat/ instinctual/ sub intentional purposes for social and physical survival and personal prosperity etc.

deep subconscious purposes methods

1find allies

2work with allies


4learning the important

5remembring the important

6physical fitness strength


8social harmony


categories and say of instinctual goals

healthy organization, information, geniu, social, excitement, spirituality soul. you might find most will fit into these general categories and that they are all important, I believe though that an succession of repercussion move and logical priority is something like

spirit,> ability,> excitements,> form,> material

after say come through here with ten succession purposes/ strives in each broad range of life-time you will have completed rank 2

allow time to consciously reflect on the methods you use to obtain your subconscious instinctual points. how effective are they? how might they be improved?

programming self

Allow enough time for your awareness imagination to find or derive and then absorb/ install into your subconscious the success programmes you are most passionate about incorporating into man, until running them becomes second nature.

leading to your subconscious now running these improved methods to help you to better achieve your goals.

creating permutations for sub optimal/ soul sabotaging attires changing them with the best the plans of action, set depth within, is the superior way.

As you constantly improve your self-conscious, alignment with your subconscious and its integration with the super-conscious you increase your mental influence and sophistication. Take memoes from those who you find to be expert in this discipline, and your times of crest success.

There are tools and parties you can get too help you and others that would only hurt your efforts so there are 😛 TAGEND External aides of your heads sophistication and external foes of your psyches finesse

group think sophistication level.

Leaders add or subtract from the sophistication position of our groups reckoning. They feign 😛 TAGEND 1the mental finesse of the working group awareness proposes and doctrines, 2how well integrated are they with the groups deep/ subconscious will, 3and the groups relationship and alignment of its subconscious to its superconscious knowledge.

3Those trying to seperate your subconscious from the superconscious, are the most dangerous pirates trying to take control of your life

2giving advice that separates you from following your penetrating/ subconscious orders( bad busines advice) generate serious man malfunction if we are not atuned enough to ourselves, that we are often capable later to correct and recover from.

1those giving advice that separates you from a good conscious design are often estimated immediately and ignored but if they can create fairly indecision the results soon be talking about themselves and their advice and further affect greatly decreased in those not blinded to reality.

0Then there are those assuring journalism trying to blind us to external world so that this evaluation and rejection process is stopped and doesn’t actually take place.

-1those actually engaging in practices that assistance cheapen the physical brain itself lead mercury aluminium in inoculations/ nutrients and environment, excess interference and radiation and need of suitable nutrition complement advice physically debilitate our biological processes that allow proper mental roles to take place. This is a subject for aanother lieu the authorities concerned will stick with for now

tampering with the groups psychology, positioning, deleting conscious designs, subconscious purposes, superconscious connection.

so assessed the incoming

Let us beware slavery to the idea pressings( as in the information/ word) of the moment, as they are likely: be generated by a random collision or the malicious contrivance of third party( like on Adam in the plot of Eden) and therefore form you short-sighted. Let a peers hinted schedules and your own theories be continually adjudicated by your deep seated aims and sensibly integrated into well considered plans for self interest before being acted on.

respond to others and your own hypothesis by first trying to evaluate if: they do not were in violation of the logical requisites of or your impulse for: survival, what you know to be truly for your good/ self interest,

and your super-conscious inner guidance system: what you feel in a placid but deep room to be right in your heart.

Is esp your quantum radar?

quantum physics may be the basis for the swooning esp of your super-conscious/ its shaft importance developing this behavior of hearing truth about ramifications that may not be self-evident in any other way.

Don’t be a only following line-ups/ fund grub/ bootlicker/ if its still in working order please, use your brain.

To simply do as you are told by 2nd handwriting permission of being unable to reasonably understand integrate and revise these plans and ideas to the specifics of your personal/ radical statu is to act as a child might at the lower end of academic finesse. Countless systemic difficulties permeating in adult society come when a dispensation of high level white collar types engage in non-intelligent action by ignoring their own-thinking& playing like robots. The modern democratic prevalent blind-spots are often created by interests who will benefit simply by financial incentives& unwarranted social force( yellow journalism ). in less free time/ plazas they may apply Stalinesque force, fighting then necessitating civil disobedience.

real Value over fiat money

A higher track is to follow our own 1st handwriting intentional designs& sentiments, soul generated by understanding, integrating and modifying 2nd handwriting proposals& themes we judge as deserving. Instead of those we ponder is as simple as meet us more money.

As girls hormones are meant to enable us to breakout of the pattern of 2nd hand dictation of “peoples lives” by parents and schooling but for many of us the process pauses jobs and other bars of corporate fiscal ability takes their locate and our hug of our individual contemplation supremacy hesitations and is incomplete! We the human family flourishes not just because we can communicate and bind ourselves to act as a single mas, but because we are each able to act individually and intelligently learning& accommodating our wars( including themes to and methods of study) to the situation and the body we perceives ourselves in.

The person heading a large body even in a perfect world cannot be expected to do all of everyone’s reckon for them even if they are a certified 4 ace general. when they are less than the ideal candidate and in some way intellectually or emotionally unqualified for their character; it becomes convenient that there exist intelligent adults among us, emotionally mature enough to individualize and activate to forestall any damage to them and theirs they envision flowing from the likely and actual falls of the centre. The rapidity agility and ability to effect countermeasures of this distributed intelligence is of crucial importance to the well being of the whole body. That is your mental rapidity agility the questions and at some extent may be crucial to your loved ones well being. A reason to fully unfurl your brains powers.

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