Life (Consciousness) Aggregates (Order from Chaos)

There is a process of aggregation and organization of all life, which is comprised of countless scraps of consciousness. An entity may expand by diversification, persist by digestion, or dissipate through simplification.

Consciousness; also known as The Void, The Abyss, The Nether, The Aether, The Otherworld, The Beyond, The Other Side, etc. is the permeable managerial ability which generators and permeates all world; the ancestry of all that Is.

Consciousness, introduce into a station of focus, generates; electrons, protons, neutrons. By their very nature, and according to the force of consciousness which produced them into existence, they instantaneously aggregate into the base elements of the periodic table. A weak patrol of consciousness may create a Hydrogen atom. A strong force may create various protons, neutrons, and electrons into existence at once, and originate many elements. Still, other existing forces may exert their consciousness upon the elements to aggregate them into further, more complex elements.

Here we arrive at the Holy Trinity: Protons, Neutrons, Electrons; the three building blocks of conscious objective which permission Matter to become. And we may say that the great force of consciousness which catalyzed all subject into a Beginning( or Creation) is God.

Too there are conscious entities–who are come to Be by way of cohesive composite aggregates of consciousness–whom may set and aggregate matter within the system by exerting a greater awareness impel than that which the conscious land which holds matter together in existence may maintain. Now we speak of those who Command, Craft, and Maintain matter; “the gods” and their “magic”. One may imagine Christ who expends conscious troop to aggregate water molecules to great enough density that they may support his mass; in modern retellings, Magneto’s from The X-Men whose ability to manipulate metals( aspects ), or Neo from The Matrix whose ability to manipulate code; the sense is the same: that conscious sovereignty by intent begets organization of matter.

This Holy Trinity of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons both becomes the cornerstone building blocks, and evolves the existing building blocks; new Electrons brought into existence by consciou observation now radicalize in chaos, until they vanish( outlay all exertion possible) or aggregate( join a greater mass ).

These atoms then, each imbued with a small unit of limited consciousness, in time and gesture and under enormous cosmic obliges, aggregate further to become molecules with a larger, collaborative self-conscious force.

The interactions of these basi units and their instant donations of consciousness let complexity of structure. Matter aggregates, and aggregates, and aggregates; its individual gangs of consciousness always participating to form a new entirety singular contingent of conscious intent.

From the perennial gesture of molecules in complex patterns, ever synthesizing brand-new composite molecules and evolving its components unceasingly, we accompany the beginning of complex structure and flow which is Life itself; the single celled amoeba; bacteria.

These bacteria now contain within them the unified consciousness of each proton, neutron and electron which organized each atom which together assembled each molecule which together worded each structure, ever by way of intentional interaction in motion; order comes from chaos.

These organic( Carbon based) entities germinate in intricacy; bacteria precurse fungu, which precurse protozoa, which precurse higher and higher seeks of life.

It is this cycle of life–this food web, the eco-system that we find, by which consciousness derives and aggregates.

The electrons/ protons/ neutrons expire; their consciousness moves into atoms as pattern varies. The atoms expire; their consciousness moves into molecules as flesh alterations. The molecules expire; their consciousness moves into single-celled beasts such as bacteria. The single-celled organisms expire; their consciousness moves into complex formations such as fungi.

These complex life assembles expire; their consciousness moves always into the higher order which devoured them; and so all consciousness is evolved by the consumption( aggregation; prescribe from chaos) of consciousness.

When countless rounds of this has taken place, we envision animals with greater collective mental faculty surface. Simple glitches organized by the fungi they devour. Simple critters modelled by the flaws they feed. Simple animals formed by the critters they feed. Complex animals structured by the simple swine they eat.

And so today we know: The Human is an aggregate ecosystem. We are comprised of countless species and parts. It is this great diversity which has aggregated over numerous soul seasons to give us a first life.

And it is this process which we announce rebirth. Our rememberings of past lifetimes are reminiscences of those live shapes, whose consciousness( feeling) was joined into a greater aggregate which became a Person.

For an electron may move chaotically and never taken together with a Proton and Neutron to form the Atom, and instead its vitality capacity may be lost and it scatter, to return to the aether. And so in each life and death, the consciousness moves Up or Down in scale.

If the consciousness of one ecosystem grows within its life, it persists through extinction and finds–like cast-iron filings to a magnet–an appropriate container to enter into again in the repetition of life and death. Like dust on the wind which holds itself in way and does not scatter, consciousness agrees once again where it left off, inhabiting the next aggregated being form.

An animal may die alone, and its remains consumed by many different creatures. If it has mated, its “soul” or consciousness may move onto its condescended progeny, continuing the evolution. If the animal has not procreated, and its genetic intelligence exists nowhere, its consciousness cannot be tethered again to the realm of content. Like an electron that loses place, like a commet that burns out, like an atom that has been separated, the consciousness and its intensity return to source.

However, if an animal is ingested by another animal–bacteria consumed by fungi consumed by insect consumed by critter consumed by predator consumed by Man–the consciousness is aggregated. “You are what you eat.”

And so those who eat diverse life shapes become diverse ecosystems. Those who gobble Life continue to Improve their Life; for the government has exhausted consciousness which feeds the other consciousness in their system.

Those who snack Death pollute their organisations; dead corn whose consciousness has returned to source long ago, dead wheat whose consciousness has returned to source long ago, dead beef whose consciousness has returned to source long ago. No consciousness is added to the system, so no spiritual rise occurs.

This is why we care deeply if menu is fresh; vegetables contain consciousness very, for they are aggregates of many elements. This is why cultures ingest live animals and fresh veggies. This is why those people live longer than people who eat Dead nutrition which has lost its consciousness–and become zombies, unable to think. This is why depression exists: an ecosystem deprived of consciousness.

And so we as Humans have past animation memories as Crows and Turtles and Beetles and other Humen. Because we were those things–we were consumed by other senses in information systems, and our consciousness moved forward with the brand-new aggregates they became.

In each living era, we may expand our consciousness. By consuming other animate thing, our conscious ability flourishes. By procreating, we stick our genetic join in reincarnation–to return as our grand children, in a brand-new merger of problem, and try again.

This is why the counsel for meat and sex outweighs all: because if we do not eat, and do not procreate, we will die, and our consciousness will disappear and fade into the aether, to become once again pure energy in root. Lusts for one particular food or drink are conscious petitions from creatures which live inside your greater ecosystem, for the sustenance they need to persist. Drinking alcohol or soda pop mops them out in large numbers.

This is why we become stupid: because we are systematically killing our ecosystem which is an aggregate of variou intelligences. The lust to eat a specific food is that intelligent awareness entity soliciting a source, so that it can carry out its symbiotic liaison within the ecosystem as a whole; the crave for this or that, may be one community of microbes trying their best to tell you, “Your system needs Zinc or Cobalt or Magnesium”. Because these micro-organisms live inside our organization, and it is in their best interest to keep the system alive; we are Earth to our micro-biome; and some bad actors want us to eat Sugar or Alcohol( mining/ logging/ employing Earth) which fuck up the place, while some good actors want us to eat veggies( tree planting, ocean remediation) that keep the system running.

So for example, say if as a child, you have known that veggies are good for you( which is a fact )– and deplete your life intelligently chewing them, you will be evidently smarter: for you chose to consume a substance which prolonged their own lives, although some peers intentionally ate fast food and imbibe alcohol. We can say, “He is smarter for having consumed nutrition and scaped contaminants.” But then you fulfill these beings in real life and another observation exists: these people are smarter. Not merely do dietary habits instantly feign our mental falculty, our mental falculty is measured by our dietary habits. A serviceman who snacks himself to extinction on previously frozen microwaved managed cheese-covered banquets is evidently dumber than one who lives a long age ingesting vegetables.

But then we understand them elect. And it is evident that people’s foods is not simply express their level of education, but farther than that–it restrictions them. A person ingesting dead meat additions no consciousness, and so they do not derive, and do not change. A person who consumes new nutrients incomes consciousness, evolves, and changes over time. This is the basic difference between Willing and Unwilling, Life and Death. It is no coincidence that those who eat dead food become dead parties; unthinking, unwilling, unliving; literal zombies, heightened on corn syrup and wheat by similarly uneducated mothers who too pollute their ecosystems; dumber, and dumber, and dumber they become.

This is why there is spiritual warfare on humans: -on all our nutrient sources and supply series with CODEX, irradiation, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, hormones, preservatives, etc. -on every aspect of our birthrate with chem trails, endocrine disruptors, EMF exposure, abortions( genetic suicide; cutting of your own potential reincarnation link ), etc. -on our DNA with vaccines, EMF exposure( cell phone, castles, Tvs, WiFi routers, etc ), metropolitan life( density of contaminants; exhaust, compounding frequencies, human debris, etc .) and so on.

It is the DNA which contains the information required to aggregate man in order to better. Without the DNA, there is only chaos. DNA tolerates meanders to heal–it contains the intelligence to re-order the creature. Cells are required to synthesize brand-new tissues.

It is in consumption of DNA that we thrive and expand–through sharing our immune organizations with caressing and humour and floors and singing and feasts and dances and transferring joints.

And it is the people who don’t do these things that become Evil. Those who prevent to themselves and delight themselves in a small circle, those who cover their mouthes from the world of smiles, those who isolate and quarantine and reduce their ecosystem complexity until their consciousness declines into the regurgitated barks of hype. While the same people who continue to Live and dine and laugh and adore and smile and breathe freely–evolve.

The Earth is traveling through infinite. The planet enters hours of high-pitched hum and eras of low-toned vibration.

We are heading into a high vibration.

Low tremors are not compatible with high reverberations. High-pitched vibrations outdistance them.

This is the figurative “Light vs. Dark” or “Good vs. Evil”.

Know that Earth is entering the Light. Incompatible frequencies( ie. such as mine) will most probably be gleaned. It is no sinister agenda, any more than the rivers freeze in winter and fish may die.

Earth was in the Shadows for some time. In these shadows of low vibration the physical Earth was roaming through infinite of low-pitched vibrational frequency( long sine brandishes only capable of limited data paces ).

Because Earth was in an area of space with a low-grade tremor, the capacity for human thought was limited; our bio-electric brain and its ability to fire neurons and represent electrical connects was shortened. The very ability to think was limited by the environment. In this environment, extra-terrestrial entities have preyed on Humankind for a few thousand years( our written history ).

Now that we are moving into a higher vibrational sector of seat( the Mayan calendar for example indicated when we left the last sector) the “Light” is increasing. Technology and social awareness are growing. Mindfulness and responsibility stretch. Our literal psyche ability improves, because our planet and all its tenants are entering a province of higher vibration where electrical conductivity in the brain improves.

In three decades we have implemented the Internet and used its information sharing technologies to uncover and identify the bad actors of the last few centuries, to as much certainty as we may.

We are in a period of transition: The old-time era has ended, but they are still in charge. They maintained their corporate strengths over government and media for one propose: a final harvest.

It is these extra-terrestrials who have preyed on Humanity like monsters, benefitting from our emotional sufferings; our lower vibrational cries are what feed them.

They know that our planet moves into the Light, and their leach-like behavior will be uncovered–and so they move on, to another area of darkness with which they seek to cry. Like how leeches are only found in morass, these vampiric beings cannot come with us as the planet moves into the Light.

So they are doing one last-place Feast: they are draining as much Fear and Hate as there is an opportunity in these final eras, exerting the last vestiges of their centuries-built territories here on Earth, with which were only made by the manipulated pass of Man. We have been bribed and coerced into warfare with each other on their behalf for centuries. It all ends for a season now. We will live in Light for some time and grow strong, like Atlantis. But even they subside when the darkness came. For no quantity of jerks can crew an advanced opening aircraft. Our organic abilities are limited in thought by their electrical conductivity.( ie. lobotomies remove portions of the circuit to reduce conductivity and fantasized; fetal alcohol illnes increases the room between brain creases and reduces conductivity to reduce saw .)

But for now in this time, I will finish asking the transition 😛 TAGEND

-Earth moves into Glowing; the gradual traveling forward increases the frequency of the planet-Earth as a host watches many of its beasts die off; incompatible( low frequency) organisms-The lower frequency beasts which die off in this sector of infinite will dissipate and return to source, or aggregate again and reincarnate in this here 3rd dimension-The higher frequency beasts will suffer the conversion and roam with it; like a passenger in a auto feels the shadows of trees and heat of the sun.-The “New Earth” will be a place where simply the highest frequency animals may sustain themselves.

Those familiar with PH in regards to soil or hydroponics organisations may think of it like this: Earth was Acidic; pH 3.5 It was ripe for gardening of Fear. An foreigner scoot disseminated and collected much Fear here.Earth has begun sweetening; rising in PH to 3.6, 3.7, and so on, gradually since 2012( Mayan) or 2020( Gregorian ). As Earth candies( rises in PH ), Fear will no longer be a compatible frequency.

Therefore, the aliens will be unable to sow their seeds of Fear in a loam of Love. The increasing pH value of the clay spawns their harvests unsowable. Fear cannot germinate and germinate where there is Light. It makes darkness which is uncertainty to be granted the energies of Fear for harvest.

Today we picture the absurd and seek to explain it: An actor from Cash Cab is hired to film a viral video in front of a licence plate which reads, “Police”–and the stupid people who eat simple unconscious dead nutritions begin their mongering and rampages. They are played like instruments, to provoke as much violence and anxiety as is practicable. Intelligent operators coordinate incidents to cause Fear–in action and resource. They use their media empire to broadcast and repeat it, for maximal distress. Like squeezing the last drop from a tube of tooth paste, these are their final days–and they seek to use any means they can to generate low-frequency energies which they can harvest.

Today we meet an plan of laughable concealment wearing, meant only to limit our consciousness; those who wear the masks cannot exchange micro-biomes with others, and their ecosystem reduces in intricacy over meter, and the simplified microbiology procreates a simplified judgment; easily steered. All while the most intelligent of our medical professionals make clear three things: -The masks we are wearing are not sufficient; only N95 deepened every 45 minutes is effective. -The cover-ups we are wearing diminish our immune arrangement by depriving its replenishment from environmental generators; parties, trees, swine, etc. -The masks we are wearing harbor and multiplied pathogens in the fabric, which serve to inoculate our arrangements with repetition persuades of illness.

Therefore all other mask wearing suffices no protective function, and the use in futility highlights the individuals incapable of aligning intelligent reflect with rational action.

Wearing a disguise or munching fast food or imbibing alcohol limits the biology which is Life which is consciousness.

All these poor souls who restraint their consciousness will suffer as the vibration rises.Like a fever acquits incompatible beasts from the multitude, those who live in Fear or Anger or Greed or Lust( participate 7 deadly sins) will all know the illness which will be called, “COVID-1 9”. It is not a respiratory illness–some magical virus that purportedly spreads like wildfire and yet most everyone exposued to it is fine. No, COVID-1 9 or “Corona Virus” is an esoteric described in what is happening to the population of Earth 😛 TAGEND

Earth is moving into a higher vibrational field, and all incompatible pulses will be culled throughout this journey. The misery agents which live mainly in the Shadows of the universe have one goal: to keep as countless Human people as possible, stuck here in this system. Their goal is to prevent all means of escape 😛 TAGEND

-Reducing fertility and funding abortions; to prevent as much birth as possible; for procreation enables the genes to photocopy, and the genes are the connection between consciousness and content. Without producing a progeny, one’s consciousness purposes. We all exist today because we successfully caused progeny in prior life-times; our children became our vessels to re-inhabit as our consciousness originated and advanced with each life.

-Reducing consciousness through creed; media, music, presentation etc. is all meant to distract us from awareness purpose; from succeeding intelligently our ecosystems of Life; from paying attention to our people, in order to be distracted as we fall ill.

-Reducing consciousness through biology; nutrient, dopes( medications ), inoculations, radioactivity( microwaves, cell phones, routers, x-rays ), chem trails, glyphosate, alcohol, masks, etc. all increase biological complexity within the system and eliminate their contributions of consciousness.

-Reducing consciousness through decree; social gatherings, churches, and all gathering places where humen may aggregate to structure greater ability are boycotted. If we unite two literal things happen: the smart people’s immune plans inoculate the dumb people’s immune arrangements with profitable biology which is conducive to critical believe, and the foolish parties listen to smart people’s feelings because that’s what they’re bear around for anyways.

People gather. The best speak. The rest follow. Progress.

This basic recipe must be avoided at all costs by “the world elite”, who are merely pawns influenced and operated by 4th/ 5th dimensional entities which harvest our energies.

None of this is a matter of a virus. It is about a span in time where the Earth is changing vibrational fields.

If the Truth I write was public knowledge–broadcast on CNN–all these jerks who eat corn and wheat located nutritions and imbibe alcohol and wear concealments and scream in traffic and ever greed or lust–if these lowly people who have descended to the top of our World in Shadow were ever to understand what was coming, they are able to destroy it all.

These same people who ruin the environment and social order with selfishness and exploitation of others have only “succeeded” in this old paradigm of Earth in Shadow( low-grade vibration ). In a macrocosm orchestrated to reinforce all the persons who create woe, the most difficult of the worst have grown Rich and Proud and seek to protect what they have “earned” in their spoilings of War upon goodness.But it is wrote: “The meek shall inherit the Earth.”

Because it is true. The rich hawks and evildoers and their networks are being uncovered by light which is knowledge, and they are falling. And as Earth moves into this new field, many of these incompatible reverberations will know symptoms of illness. Only as each flora is impossible to live in the PH value appropriate to its kind–those with lower frequency reverberations( who live the seven deadly sins) are destined to wither and die off gradually, unable to find the nutrition( low-spirited reverberations) they need.

Tomorrow there is no fear, and so there is no fear on which to feed; and so those who feed on fear, starve.

If these wretched selfish beings were all to know this–that they have chosen to establish themselves into a low-vibrational being–that they have before them a transition periods with which to adjust–that they must overcome their Greed and Hate and Lust and give up their damaging habits–hah. These beings would not turn on a dime and give everything they own to kindnes, to give up their debaucheries and itches, only to hold hands and walk in Love. Such a thing is “invisible” to them–of no quality, or existence.

The news would only serve to alert them of their impending ruin. And the world of low-vibrational sinners would devote these final daytimes wrecking the place. All critical infrastructures we built–the schools, arteries, hospitals. It would all be burned to the ground by insolent spirits, furious with their lifelong hand-pickeds which steered their collective consciousness away from Light, and into Darkness–where they will dissipate into an vitality for gathering, or aggregate into a brand-new use stuck in this three-dimensional space the Earth move away past.

And so today our Earth’s ownership has changed mitts. Waiting on the edge of the Light and Shadow were our saviors. The “angels” of Light have overthrown all evil( “demonic”) forces.

However, recollect: the nature of lower consciousness is to oppress, the room of higher consciousness is to accept.

And so our graciou celestial saviors are not bringers of Wrath. There has been no genocide. There has only been a change in regime and owned. Our celestial saviors respect free will; and they allow us to choose. All who choose to walk the path of sin have chosen their demise; resigned to the demonic patrols which are intended to feed on them.

This is why concealments are “mandatory” but not mandatory. Because Earth formerly along belonging to its original, philanthropic makes who steward Free Will.

Religions will tell you these are the “end times”. They are the end for some.

We all came from consciousness, which will itself into existence as a single Electron which ligament to model an Atom which became a Molecule which became sufficiently complex to endow simple life, which lifetime after life-time progressed. Us all who started as countless areas are aggregated into greater and greater consciousness which became “Human”. At each and every stage along the way, we( the myriad organisms which comprise a “Human”) could have lost our reproduction ability and failed to carry forward the DNA. We exist because we succeeded.

The disappointments returned to source; the system being zero-sum. This is a “sacrifice”–when “peoples lives”( aggregate consciousness) is returned to the source. This is why virgins were sacrificed to “God”. Because they were a entire human which had aggregated from numerous organisms’ lifespans to become One; and that enormous vast power is destroyed, and returned to source. From source, all thing is created through consciousness. The motion of all consciousness is called “energy”. It flows in battlegrounds through the creation, like creeks wind down a mountain.

In the progress of living countless Human life-times, consciousness may expand through suffer. The beast we are now is a result of these many know-hows; our expertises we were born with are our abilities learned in past life-times. The idea of “ascension” or “transcendence” of this world is: to die while maintaining constant control of the entire ecosystem of consciousness. The point is musing and psychedelics is to prepare the consciousness to recognize itself after fatality, to abduct itself, and to move itself voluntarily. One may return as Human while maintaining past memory, or one may consciously coalesce with a greater consciousness, such as a planet or star.

And so it is our destiny to evolve into “Gods” who are the planets and superstars. It is not that we die, and a idol appears in the sky because we have created it from having done some kind of trick. It is that the long, gradual process of hotshots being born, living, and dying, both spawns and compiles all consciousness around it.

The pure consciousness that begat an electron, proton, and neutron also merged their lesser divisions to raise a greater consciousness: an atom, and so on, until a whirl of gases and dust gives live to a Star, which devotes life-time to the planets; which each contribute plaza for brand-new orderings of living to develop, which evolve within them until an apex of consciousness is reached, and all living beings on that planet merge into the planet itself; “peoples lives” upon Gaia come to be in Her youth, lived in her Life, but will become extinct in her twilight years. Earth is an alive and intentional figure; we, like the micro-organisms within our own figures, are within Her and affecting Her. We are in no more control of Her, than a single microbe is in control of us. But naturally, the authorities concerned will all die in Chaos and either dispel into root, or merge into higher and higher fiats. Until even the planets are consumed by their life-giving starrings. Until the stars themselves face their test: to become God( columnists of a brand-new formation in a supernova) or return to source( a black entire which de-materializes all protons/ neutrons/ electrons into “the abyss/ void” or “pure consciousness” or “anti-matter” or nonetheless you want to phrase it ).

All life must progress through aggregate growth; intake of other Life, replication of one’s system, the evolution of consciousness into( and facilitated by) higher complexity formations. When the consciousness of numerous Atoms combine, it becomes one Adam–with capacity for what we know as human design which is generated by the life forces of all which aggregate him. Before this station, some of these numerous Atoms may have resided in a Dog or Crow, or any number of limited-consciousness aggregate vessels which expire.

It is much like adjusting a radio. If you are trying to tune into 97.5( life as a Human) you have to turn the dial up from 94.5, and experience a few cases different radio stations( knowledge as different being uses ). And always there is an order to it: each soul species carries its own vibration. At the pitch of fatality, the wavelength of the consciousness got to find compatible adjacent reverberations to colonize, or it is evaporated. DNA ensures this association is determined and maintained. Without DNA to pass along authority of governance, the consciousness may colonize what downed it and reside as a lesser part, un-noticed, but contributing utterly to the system. Any organism which expires with force( increasing tremor) rises in flakes to higher life organizes; a “good dog” may reach a high enough frequency to reincarnate as the next highest frequency animal in its closenes; for example, the very near compatible newborn chimpanzee.

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