Holding myself accountable for poor eating?

I’m one of those people that tend to stress eat. Any excuse for carbs, I’ll make. Feeling ill? Carbs. Feeling anxiety? Carbs. Didn’t sleep last night? CARBS.

I’m trying to be a good boi, and my go to diet these days is keto. When it wields, it genuinely cultivates, but when I fall off the wagon I descend various kinds of hard-bitten, and that precedes me to my question.

I tend to lose all accountability with myself in these situations. I’ll buy unhealthy food at the collect, or I’ll seek something on DoorDash, and the whole time I’ll be internally screaming at myself. It’s like someone else is doing the purchasing. I’ll overpower myself up, feel like crap, but I can’t seem to hold myself accountable for my activities, and it’s disturbing at times. Does anyone else have suffer with this? Maybe this belongs more in a nutrition subreddit, but I saw a more mental health perspective would be helpful.

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