Requesting input from people who know more about the roles of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in diets – trying to create a score sheet for certain sweeteners

Hi all, I’m working on putting together a position show for different sweeteners and would love more input on how I’m higher-ranking things. My ranking method admittedly isn’t almost a scientific as I would like it to be, and I would enjoy some input/ expects/ discussion about how to best categorize how much nutritional appraise something has based on its amino acids, vitamins, and minerals content.

Questions I have include 😛 TAGEND Does having more amino battery-acids= better? Does having more vitamins= better? Are all vitamins equally important( I accept not, but if not, which are more important and how do they grade compared to others )? How do you rank the value of macro minerals vs trace minerals? Which minerals are most important in terms of nutrients? And overall, which of these nutrients most contribute to offsetting high blood sugar heights/ countering the negative nutrient-sapping consequences that carbohydrate has?

Input appreciated!

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