Egyptians, Fat and Keto.

There is this video on youtube( https :// youtu.be/ YGq_EbYEaSY) that talks about egyptians and their high-carb diet and that they only solid and malady probably because of it. Then a doctor is interviewed and talks about how carbs, fibers and cereals probably suffering the americans and that fatty is not the problem, but actually should have its consumption increased( along with proteins ). He yields biochemical interpretations and talks about the controversies of the evolution of food pyramid.

This all seems very convincing, but he too seems like the type of “I know the truth and all others are wrong” type of quacker. For that reason, I ask anyone with knowledge on this topic to help me understand it better. It would also be better if anyone interested watched the video, as I summarized it a lot. Let’s stick to science, scientific informants and rational argumentation, thanks!

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