Why Can Soldiers still fight hard while starving for days to weeks (even months) while athletes would have failures in performance even with just a slight change in diet in their own sports? That even just taking out a cup of milk would cause immediate change in performance at an event?

Years ago I recollect reading about a comment from a Roman soldier who derided athletes and had a strong dislike for Roman athletics( even gladiator pushing ). He stated competitors live under such sumptuous comfy states with very fine nutrients and the lots of rest time. While being a soldier represented having minimum remainder and some generic yucky meat like fresh cereal grain and bland porridge. It is this reason why he promotes being a grunt in the frontline because he respects himself as being so tough from having suffered inferno in the wars he engaged in. He cannot understand the petition behind athletics and why Roman citizens revere athletes like Deities. This does making a question.

Throughout armed history, there are multiple storeys of soldiers fighting against daytimes nonstop without proper menu, liquid, and even sleep. They are already spent from prior skirmishes and rallying so theoretically they shouldn’t have the vitality to continue maintaining a fortress or bill on with an aggressive strikes. Yet against hopeless peculiars they been very successful in such missions.

Dien Bien Phu is one such example in which during the final months of the combat, the French extend out of proper nutritions, adequate water, and has not been able to had daylights of sleep. The fortress should have fallen about a few months earlier but even under such conditions the French soldiers were able to last a month longer than should be possible.

In the combats of Antioch, the Crusaders were already starving to death by the time they made the fortress from the Turks and had a few skirmishes with outside Turkish coerces that came as an answer a letter requesting for aid sent by the now dead governor of the city prior to its capture. Yet in the battle that occurred just a few days later, the heavily outnumbered European gallants were able to fight off a much larger well-fed Turkish army that haven’t even exerted real power in battle.

In the Civil War, the primary rationale for Confederate soldier to aggressively attack larger Union troops was to find food because they were starving and its more impressive due they actually succeeded in such participations!

But in the athletic world-wide, attempting to compete without proper nutrition for even a few eras is suicidal. Even the sturdiest athletes with the strongest willpower like James Braddock would be killed if they don’t have a proper specialized diet. Not even modern soldier rations( who the hell is healthy when is comparable to all the junk food out there) can be sufficient for an athlete for one full era of regular education. Jocks need very specialized diet that would be too expensive( or more precise to create) for the general public to indulge in.

Even taking out minor details of the diet like a single serve of flesh or all the vegetables would prove ravaging to athletic conduct. But as I mentioned soldiers are able to perform well without suitable food and I scheduled many lessons in which soldiers are already starving themselves to extinction are able to fight ferociously for a last-place stand and even amplification magical success!

The basic human body’s mechanism are the same for competitors and soldiers so why don’t soldiers get depleted from a typical engagement if they don’t eat breakfast while jocks do?

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