Lost appetite for food

I’m accentuated about work at the moment, been having bad dreams for a week or so. I don’t know if it’s that, or the dullnes of lockdown, or long covid side effects, or the change in lifestyle to online grocery shopping etc, but I’ve lost my appetite for food.

I get hungry. I want to eat healthily. I time don’t reverie anything. It’s like that dimple anhedonia, but specific to food. You know when you really don’t thought a particular meal? That’s how I feel about every dinner I consider. I don’t even know if there’s a list for it. Like, it’s an eating disorder, but is it orthorexia? Anorexia? It doesn’t relatively fit. I’m not trying to lose weight. I’m trying to be healthy.

I really tried to get my lunch. First attempt, a pork tart I bought 3 weeks ago, was mouldy. Second attempt, frozen gnocci, turned into a disgusting green goop on the hob. Third assault, a banana/ nut smoothie, be pointed out that the blender is broken& in pieces at the moment. I’d started opening the banana so I only ate that.

Lunch is usually easier as I ingest leftovers, but dinner is often difficult and stressful. I merely don’t know what to cook, and with direct and long-covid, I don’t have the power to do anything fancy. Easy oven snacks are just bland and unappealing, like eating cotton wool. I feel like my diet isn’t extremely varied – I seem to eat the same material all the time. Which could be true, as my suitor does most of the online groceries, but I can’t think of what new meat to eat.

I used to like leading shopping but I genuinely hate wearing a face mask, I feel claustrophobic. I’m not anti-mask: I precisely escape going out to avoid wearing a mask. I’ve had several panic attack in the supermarket when I feel overwhelmed.

I’m currently trying to get medical recognition of long covid which I’ve had for a year now, so I don’t want to tell my doctor about mental health stuff because that will set back my progress with medical doctors and she’ll “ve been told” it’s all in my premier. A large-hearted indication of long covid is severe fatigue( as in, getting tired out halfway through empty-headed the dishwasher) and a lot of people would naively say that that’s due to stress, or need of exercise.

I don’t know if anyone has suffered this sort of loss of appetite and has any gratuities on coping? I don’t know how to choose a banquet to hope, shop for and cook when I don’t have an appetite for any of it and often don’t have the energy.

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