16 Fish Recipes for a Fresh and Filling Dinner

A weight loss plan calls for fresh and replenishing dinners. What better method to satisfy your starvation than with flavorful fish recipes? Whether you have a fish fry on Friday or ingest fish tacos on Tuesday, putting fish on your dinner plate could help you live longer, get healthier and even lose weight.

Though they’re not quite as celebrated as they formerly were for protecting your heart, fatty fishes still have benefits for your ticker: A study, be made available in the Journal of Internal Medicine, found that higher fish and long-chain omega-3 fatty acid intake can reduce the risk of cardiac-related death by 10 percentage, says ScienceDaily. According to the National Academy of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, fatty fishes also pack in more vitamin D than any other food, activating calcium for stronger bones and improving immune organization function.

Eating healthy fish recipes can also help with weight loss: A study of 481 postmenopausal brides, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, found that eating more fish make losing more value. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the American Heart Association( AHA) recommend gobbling two helpings of fish per week for better state. According to the AHA, fish is a low-calorie source of high-quality protein that’s the perfect addition to providing a dieter’s menu.

Seafood like fish is a wonderful PowerFuel for your Nutrisystem plan and Flex meal recipes. According to the United States Department of Agriculture( USDA ), three ounces of cooked tilapia hands a whopping 21 grams of protein and exactly 108 calories! A high-protein diet has been shown to decrease hunger and appetite while increasing muscle mass and metabolism, says Healthline. It’s a weight loss win-win!

Put that protein-packed power to good use: Schedule a weekly fish night and make it delicious–and Nutrisystem-friendly–with one of these 16 easy fish recipes.

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1. Shrimp-Stuffed Fish >

stuffed fish with spinach. The Leaf fresh fish recipes.

Calories per Serving: 228

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 1/2 PowerFuels and 2 Extras

Double your protein–and your decadence–with this stuffed fish recipe. It’s got a flavor that’s straight out of a high-end seafood restaurant, but oh-so-easy to make at home. Complete with lemon-y flavor and rich creaminess from a homemade paste cheese substance, you’ll never believe this substance fish fillet is only 228 calories per serving! Pair it with your favorite SmartCarb for a perfect Flex Meal.

2. Air Fryer Fish Sticks with Tartar Sauce >

air fryer recipe. fish sticks

Calories per Serving: 273

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 SmartCarb, 1 1/2 PowerFuels and 1 Extra

Air fryer dinners and fish recipes belong together. The occult of an breeze fryer moves these fish affixes as crunchy as anything you’ll find in the freezer lawsuit. The natural tang from nonfat plain Greek yogurt wants the homemade tartar sauce tastes better than bottled–and with more protein and fewer calories. These fish persists will be a hit with your entirety lineage! At just 273 calories per serving, they’re a ease food recipe that only feels like a chisel meal.

3. Miso Salmon with Kale and Beets >


Calories per Serving: 236

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 PowerFuel, 3 Extras and 1 Vegetable

This dinner is a plate filled with superfoods: Salmon delivers fatty battery-acids and vitamin D, kale comes in with filling fiber and beets bring along various vitamins and minerals. Even the miso compress a probiotic pierce! The best part? This meal is also laded with one more thing: Flavor. It’s great for your health but even better for your taste bud!

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4. Blackened Fish Sandwich >

fish sandwich. The Leaf fresh fish recipes.

Calories per Serving: 302

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 SmartCarb, 1 PowerFuel, 1 Extra and 1 Vegetable

Flaky cod fillets, Cajun spices and crunchy cabbage slaw been working together to make this perfect, protein-packed fish sandwich recipe. You’ll cause your own seasoning mixture for the fish–don’t fret, it’s easy! Plus, you’ll whip up a milky, yogurt-based sriracha sauce that’s great for many fish recipes. It’s a colorful, replenishing snack that you’ll love to make again and again.

5. Fish Tacos >

fish tacos. The Leaf fresh fish recipes.

Calories per Serving: 363

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 SmartCarb, 1 PowerFuel, 2 Veggies and 3 Extras

Who doesn’t beloved fish tacos? This healthy fish taco recipe thumps the discern, with spicy flavors from a simple fish marinade, zesty citrus juices and creamy avocado. To exceed everything there is off, a secret sauce–a homemade tomatillo drizzle with onions, jalapeno and garlic. It’s a salsa that’s perfect for these delectable fish tacos and may even become your go-to for chippings, burrito bowls and more.

6. Open-Faced Tuna Melt >

tuna salad on toast with cheese

Calories per Serving: 293

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 SmartCarb and 2 PowerFuels

This tasty take on a purchaser favorite changes a package of Nutrisystem Tuna Salad into a beautiful, melty dinner with exactly five ingredients and a few minutes under the broiler. Just top sourdough dough with the tuna salad, tomatoes, red onion and a slice of reduced-fat provolone for a delicious bowl that’s perfect for lunch or an ultra-quick , no-fuss dinner. Click here to stock up on our savory Tuna Salad! >

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7. Sushi Tuna Tower >

sushi tuna tower

Calories per Serving: 295

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 SmartCarb, 1 PowerFuel and 2 Extras

Sushi calories generally make sense speedily: From the sticky rice to sauces on the side, a little meal can frame a big dent in your daily diet plan. This tuna pillar solves it all–you get the sushi you adoration in a portion that fills, all for precisely 295 calories. It’s not magical … it’s math: Swapping in glowing mayo for full-fat and reducing the amount of rice in favor of high-protein fish saves calories without relinquishing spice. Merely press the ingredients into a container, refrigerate for 30 hours and dig in to this health fish recipe.

8. Air Fryer Fish and Chips >

air fryer fish and chips

Calories per Serving: 391

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 2 SmartCarbs, 1 1/2 PowerFuels and 1 Extra

More miracles from the breath fryer! This time, it does double-duty: In less than 15 times, the little countertop wonder will cook both impossibly crisp fish and crunchy potatoes is worth any saloon. The only difference is the calories–instead of using oil to add onus of fat to this delicious meal, the aura fryer runs super-heated air to create the same crunchy exterior without any included remorse. Want to make this meal even more diet-friendly? Swap out the chips for veggies–by itself, the fisheries industry clocks in at really 205 calories per serving. Learn more courses an breath fryer can help you lose weight and be healthier in this wellness post on The Leaf! >

9. 3-Step Tuna Patties >

tuna patties on a plate. The Leaf fresh fish recipes.

Calories per Serving: 125

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 PowerFuel and 1 Extra

In simply three simple steps, you can elevate canned tuna from a humble pantry staple to a gourmet dinner worthy of fancy dinner. To offset these perfect, flavorful patties, you’ll really combination together drained tuna with some simple ingredients like Dijon mustard, egg and parsley, then pan-fry hand-formed patties for three minutes on each side. They’re perfect for a sandwich, on top of a salad or paired with ribbed veggies for the purposes of an easy, low-calorie centerpiece that will make any dinner delicious.

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10. Air Fryer Catfish >

air fryer catfish recipe

Calories per Serving: 230

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 2 PowerFuels and 1 Extra

We’ve said it before: Our members and adherents are geniuses, and this delicious air fryer fish recipe proves it. Barbara, a Leaf reader, formed this savory bowl that you need to try ASAP! In only 20 minutes, your breath fryer turns catfish, a little bit of oil and some spices into a flavor-packed main course that pairs perfectly with crunchy coleslaw, roasted green beans and your other favorite go-to vegetables.

11. Avocado Tuna Melt Panini >

tuna melt panini

Calories per Serving: 344

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 SmartCarb, 1 PowerFuel, 1/2 Vegetable and 3 Extras

Swapping out mayo for peaches-and-cream avocado in tuna salad is a calorie-saving, weight loss classic: The avocado supplements flavor and healthy fatties that construct the salad even more satisfying. This Tuna Melt Panini cranks it up to a whole new level, featuring melty, reduced-fat cheese and a crunchy exterior been established by a panini press. You are also welcome to use a countertop grill or even merely a frying pan–by placing another ponderou pan on top of the sandwich, you’ll get the same panini press effect.

12. Salmon Sushi Bowl >

salmon sushi bowl with veggies. The Leaf fresh fish recipes.

Calories per Serving: 425

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 SmartCarb, 1 PowerFuel and 3 Extras

The recipe says “sushi” but the fisheries industry is cooked–you can use pre-cooked salmon or broil some of your own to transcend this protein-packed power bowl. And you’ll have much more than fish to enjoy: This decadent fish recipe has crunchy carrots and cucumber, spicy sushi ginger slice and an easy, flavorful ginger soy sauce that comes together with simply four simple parts. Make two bowls–one for dinner tonight and another to take for lunch tomorrow for a excellent grab-and-go meal. “Its one of” our favorite fish recipes for banquet prepping!

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13. Spicy Teriyaki Tuna Steak >

teriyaki tuna steak. The Leaf fresh fish recipes

Calories per Serving: 120

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 PowerFuel and 1 Extra

Tuna steak is flaky, hearty and incredibly easy to make well: Just bake for about 10 hours at 400 stages and it’s ready for the dinner illustration. Topping it with a mix of teriyaki sauce, honey and a few cases other parts dedicates this tuna steak a savory bonus–a sticky, somewhat sweet coat that moves the fish recipe even more yummy. At an astoundingly low-pitched 120 calories per serving, it’s a excellent have begun to a pack, well-rounded meal for your health and wellness destinations. Pair it with unpolished rice or potatoes and a heaping curing of your favorite non-starchy, high-pitched fiber vegetables for a colorful, flavorful dinner.

14. Crispy Salmon with Pomegranate Salsa >

salmon with salsa. The Leaf fresh fish recipes.

Calories per Serving: 232

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 2 PowerFuels and 2 Extras

This simply-prepared salmon makes on a unique, tangy flavor from a simple pomegranate salsa that’s a snap to desegregate together. Don’t be intimidated: You don’t even need to cut the pomegranate yourself. If you haven’t seen them, your convenience store has pomegranate grains( or arils) in the chilled region with sliced fruits–so you can get the zip of the antioxidant-loaded superfood without the mess. Mix it with spicy jalapeno, crunchy jicama and a few other ingredients for a salmon topper you won’t soon forget.

15. Mahi Mahi with Pineapple Mango Salsa >

 mahi mahi with salsa. The Leaf fresh fish recipes.

Calories per Serving: 182

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 PowerFuel and 2 Extras

This homemade salsa will give you a taste of vacation, even if you can’t leave home: With pineapple and mango desegregated with jalapeno, cilantro, red onion and lime, the fruity salsa in this dish is like a trip to a prohibit with counters in the beach. But you don’t have to go far–or be on a chisel day–to enjoy this healthy fish recipe. In exactly eight short-lived instants, you can get the taste of vacation fast … and guilt-free.

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16. Instant Pot Salmon with Chili Lime Sauce >

Instant Pot fish recipes

Calories per Serving: 342

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 SmartCarb, 1 PowerFuel, 1/2 Vegetable and 3 Extras

Your Instant Pot makes fish recipes easy as can be! This fish recipe really is almost done in an instant: In only three minutes, the Instant Pot will cook your salmon to perfection, obligating it prepared for the recipe’s real idol: a simple, low-calorie, homemade chili lime sauce. By mixing together a little oil, sugar, lime liquid and fresh herbs and spices, you’ll have a simple sauce that croaks perfectly with your ready-already fish and vegetables. It’s a citrusy, spicy accompaniment that loads up the spice without packing your plateful with extra overweight or calories.

To see more healthy fish recipes, be sure to visit The Leaf recipe page! You can also learn supportive wellness tips-off from our nutrition and recipe professionals shielding a variety of weight loss topics, such as the top five fish to add to your grocery list this week! >

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