Ketosis, fat, low carb

Hey people. I have three questions, thought about different posts but they are all pertained:

1) Does their own bodies still use overweight as fuel when “youre not” on ketosis?( popular foods medium-high carbs ), if so, what’s significant differences?

2) Can their own bodies adjust to any level of carb nutrition?

I planned, I know keto correctly done is a thing for circumstances like epilepsy.

The body can also certainly adapt to high carb nutritions( more popular ones)

But what of the in between? Medium or low-pitched or very low carbs

Could we still run eficiently or is there a stage where we could be in a sort of limbo of oil paucity with no enough carbs but not sufficient solid being burned as ga neither?

3) Is the ketosis regime something objective? That is on or off, or it is something smooth where different levels of ketosis can exist based on the amount of carbs you devour? Everywhere, the discussion seems to be you are either in ketosis or not, based on what criteria is that said?

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