FoodNoms (iOS Version 2021.2)

FoodNoms (iOS Version 2021.2) -Synopsis: FoodNoms helps you count calories and way macros.

Price and Platform: Free with a premium upgrade alternative. iOS only.

RDN Score: 5/5


Perfectly smoothed design includes home screen widgets reaching it easy to track calories, macros, sea and fasting hours on one screen. Examine nutrition names to quickly gather data. Record nutrition items memo where you are entering accurate or reckon calories and macros data. Track daily averages and amplification daily, weekly or monthly revelations about your personal nutrition. Record and move sea and other glass. Establish recipes and propose dinners exerting various categories of parts and save meals and habit meat. Save regularly logged meals for quick and easy recall. Data is stored under your personal vapour accounting with no requirement to provide an email address so you can protect your name and privacy. Integrates instantly with the Apple Health app, Siri and Shortcuts. Users can choose reasons from losing, gaining or maintaining load to improving heart health and practicing occasional fasting. Option to add points around irrigate, caffeine, booze and individual nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and cast-iron. Can access the community food database or opt out to keep your food enters a bit more accurate. Appoint meat by manual record or examining a nutrition name, and easily enter recipes and banquets logs. Swap from calories to kilojoules and alter regional gives such as enabling carbohydrates by divergence or demonstrating 100 g/ ml options.


Not appropriate for anyone sensitive to or negatively triggered by tracking their food and snacks. Nutrition selects are very limited with alternatives only for low-carb, high-protein and keto diets.

Bottom Line: Though not appropriate for anyone negatively triggered by calorie counting and entering, FoodNoms is moved for dieters and anyone who wants to track what they eat.

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