Would it be better to eat fewer meals heavier on carbs vs more meals but lower in carbs for good insulin/blood sugar levels?

First off, I’m wondering if there’s any power on how many grams of( complex) carbs you are able to/ can eat in one meal and still deter being insulin sensitive( avoid insulin resistance( IR )/ kind 2 diabetes( T2D )). Also, my question kind of roots from intermittent fasting( IF )… Because, if people who do IF skip breakfast they mostly skip a banquet. So that would mean that they would “have to” devour fewer snacks, but higher in carbs, during the day( and yes, I know parties have differing diets and it doesn’t HAVE to be like that, but let’s say that is in fact the lawsuit ). I also know that some people once dine high-pitched calorie nutritions so they can skip a snack without compensating for it, but my question is more targeted to beings that wouldn’t converge their caloric needs if they skipped a snack without compensating for it in the snacks they don’t skip.

I’ve heard IF is good for blood sugar control and insulin predisposition, but I have also heard that meals heavy on carbs are not good for blood sugar. I am really confused on what would be the best approach for beings to prevent IR and T2D regarding this.

So, is there a definite doorstep or something on how many grams of carbs a snack can contain without changing blood sugar/ insulin in a negative way? And as the title says, is it better for blood sugar/ insulin to actually have banquets lower in carb, but feed more meals during the day .. Or fewer meals( as in IF) but that each meal is a bit highest in carbs?

I hope I’m making sense, because I realize that I had a hard time showing what I want as I was typing…

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