Has anyone come up with the scientifically ideal meal plan for what a person needs daily to be healthy?

I was wondering if there was a’ menu’ someone may have come up scientifically that demonstrates, for example 😛 TAGEND

8am toast with peanut butter, 10 am orange, 12 pm 2 slices ham with pineapple slice and 12 oz milk, 4pm 13 peanut M& Ms, 6pm 6oz beef with 1 slice provolone cheese and half goblet lettuce nuts, 8p m apple.

Something a person could name an alarm and go do that orange where reference is set off. Something where a person would not worry about what to eat and time eat what is best and not worry about it.

Not looking for fad diets or personal advice, just wondering if science has come up with a formula of what people need and specifically what foods should be devoured to be healthy( health on average, I know anyone can have different nutritional needs ).

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