5 Healthy Tips for the Big Game

Football season is coming to a close and we’re all ready to sit back, loosen and watch the big game. While we all cherish fried appetizers, freezing brew and sizzling offstages, they can do some serious damage to your waistline. Don’t give up on your New Year’s resolution this sport date! Stay on track with our five health, football-friendly tips.

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1. Enjoy a pre-game activity.

father and son throwing football outside

Before you sit down for the big game, consider doing something active to start the day off right. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a full-on sweat session. Grab the family, head outside and go into the football atmosphere with a game of catch! Even time a short walk can make a big difference. Check out the Fitness section on The Leaf for healthy tips-off and pranks for biding active.

2. Choose your snacks and appetizers wisely.

chips and dip on a table with a football

Fried food is a football game favorite. However, classic activity daytime fare like mozzarella attaches, French fries and nachos are normally bundled with calories and harmful ingredients. But not to worry! You can easily stay on track with delicious and nutritious recipes from The Leaf. Consider us your virtual recipe diary for all things luscious! We have recipes for all of your favourites. We love making healthier fried meat in the air fryer and diet-friendly alternatives for numerous popular snacks. Check out some our top recipes below !:

Bell Pepper Nachos > 5-Ingredient Buffalo Cauliflower Breadsticks > Boneless Buffalo Chicken Bites > Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks Recipe > Nacho-Style Roasted Chickpeas > Air Fryer French Fries > Spicy Buffalo Deviled Eggs >

Don’t feel like cooking? Let Nutrisystem gratify your activity daytime snack menu! We deliver pre-portioned different versions of favorite considers right to your door. Because they’re already in the perfect acting width, you don’t have to worry about overeating. Our Cheese Puffs, Honey Mustard Pretzels and White Cheddar Popcorn are great alternatives for the big game.

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3. Keep food in the kitchen.

man watching American football with snacks and beer

Out of seeing, out of mind! Avoid mindless snacking by restrain your play epoch spread off of the coffee table and in the kitchen. By ensuring there is a good distance between you and that pile of yummy food, you can help ensure that you don’t go in for seconds if you’re not feeling hungry. Keeping the menu on the counter will precisely compute an extra barrier between you and too many added calories.

4. Restraint booze.

beer next to an American football with snacks

We know, we are familiar. There’s nothing like booze your favorite ice freezing brew while you’re watching the big game. But hear us out! You can enjoy a refreshing liquor that’s lowest in calories yet still delicious. Registered Dietitian and beer admirer, Mandi Knowles, taste tested a variety of diet-friendly beers to help us find the tastiest alternatives. Check out her top 10 picks here!>

When it comes to alcohol, equanimity is important. You can enjoy up to two alcoholic beverage per week on Nutrisystem. We recommend spreading them out and experiencing them on different days of the week. Learn more about alcohol on Nutrisystem here. >

5. Use forethought when telling takeout.

woman ordering takeout on her smart phone

Pizza braces and fast food restaurants are popular picks for sport date chow. From pizza and sizzling offstages to tacos and barbecue, the temptation to indulge is real. Not to mention, restaurant provide sizes are often way more than what you should be eating! If you plan to order out this competition daylight, be sure to consult the Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide. We volunteer batch of healthy gratuities and ruses for different kinds of cuisines. We too provide suggestions for some of your favorite restaurants! We also crafted such lists of seven tips-off for ordering healthful transmission or takeout. >

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