Cant tell If I’m sick or it’s my girlfriend, either way I’m starting to struggle with it.

( Obviously this is bias towards my point of view but I’ll try to be as factual as possible)

So my gf has been unstable for a while now with suicide or self mischief struggles every 4 months or so. she’s likewise went fibromyalgia and has a tendency to have some reasonably extreme ego vicious actions when she’s told something she recognizes as negative about herself.

She’s just come off pericyazine a week ago so she’s having mood waverings and stop problems.

The thing is she seems to be on my action an dreaded quantity recently. Nothing I do seemed to be right in fact she seems to think I’m forever putting her down. She just said I was being ensure which really hurt me.

Truth is I am slightly controlling in that she frequently doesn’t have access to her own meds because of her biography of suicide attempts. But this was advised by the dr.

She’s recently decided she’s taking over her meds again, despite only just attempting suicide in early December. She’s got two pill potties that she fills up with a few weeks worth of meds. So the bulk of them are locked up in the car still.

But the other day she had a psychiatrist appointment in which he informed her she needed to loose weight. So the first thing she did even with her fibro was to try and sprint around with the dog for half hour. This after several years of not even operating and sometimes being unable to walk without a stay.

So I told her I disapproved of this and that she needed to be doing low impact exercise and not changing her food to something extreme( she previously tried keto a few occasions)

She had a go at me because I wasn’t an expert in exercise or fibro, told me that she thought it came across as controlling.

So yesterday we took to dog for a walk again, and this time she did a fast dominance walk around the block with me and the dog in haul. As we got back to the car I said that I thought that was a really good grade Of exercise to start out with and she responded by having a go at me and saying she felt like nothing she ever did was right.

Today she was in a lot of hurting but preceded to tell me not to dare suggest the grief was because of the effort.

I cooked dinner but she weighed out all the ingredients because she was worried I’d not follow the slimming world recipe.

I had a different recipe but only applied what she appraised out so that was wrong because it was fractions for 4 parties not two.

We had agreed on getting a brand-new fridge and we both liked this cream one. But she was on the phone today impart her mum how she didn’t require the cream one, she just wanted a regular grey one.

She’d arranged to go to her parents live while I was at a funeral and so thought it was the day before she required removing off. But when I booked to go collect some nonsense for the funeral she told me that was the same day she was going to her mums. So I travelled with it, she phoned her mum and her mum said she’d got the wrong daylight, and it was me who got it wrong.

It just seems like I’m perpetually doing wrong or coming represented as the bad person.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk

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