MyProtein experiences?

I said from them a couple of years ago and really liked their produces. I got in a bad collision( practically died due to ejection from a vehicle) and haven’t been able to work out like I be applicable to but had already begun to activity again and elevation some loads to try to heal better but now I’m looking for a protein that I can use after workouts( which is breakfast time) in order to supplant a banquet.( Or have eggs or something light as well ). MyProtein is considerably less costly than ON gold guideline and I’m on a fixed income. I’m tired of being fat since my accident and have lost most of the knowledge that I had about nutrition/ supplements when I was working out hardcore. Any assist would be amazing. I also constitutes open to parties DM’ing me if they have any nutrition strategy they would be willing to share for someone who cannot work out too hard but needs to lose weight. Thank you all in advance and god bless!

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