Is the daily consumption of protein from animal-based sources dangerous?

Hi everyone, we know the important role that protein sheathes for people who exercise, but in order to reach the recommended daily intake these parties( generally) have to rely heavily on animal-based proteins, including in their daily diets one or more between these meat: meat( in particular chicken ), fish, eggs, dairies( in particular greek yogurt, cottage cheese, whey protein) among others.

I know that are also protein based generators, like all the nuts and grains, cereals, beans and lentils, some veggies like peas, spinach, kale for example, and that they should definitely be inclued in an healthy food, but i guess that the biggest source of protein from people who exercise generally comes from eating, if not daily, almost, one or more between meat, fish, eggs and dairies.

Is the daily intake of protein from animal-based sourced dangerous? Can it have any effect on health?

If it is, how can someone who does weight-lifting for example, realistically reach its daily protein intake without rely daily on one of these categories of food?

Or there is no evidence of problem with daily uptake of animal-based protein?


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