Dietary requirement for bulk?

Hello, I’m “re looking for” ketogenic eating and one thing that’s affect me in particular is watching just how many calories there are in pure fat informants( avocado petroleum, ghee etc .).

I am also interested in Buddhism and have been toying romantically with the idea of setting up snacking one bowl of nutrient per day.

My question is kind of one of general nutrition. Suppose I were to make a soup that is the responsibility of keto macros and which had a massive sum of calories from overweight such that one good bowl of it is to include around 2k calories. Say it had some flesh and a good various types of veggies as well.

Is there any particular reason why this wouldn’t be a viable option in the longer-term? This obviously would consist of quite a bit less food in terms of pure pounds ingested per era, but theoretically you could still be gobbling the same amount of calories and be get a good quantity of vegetable intake for micronutrients. Does the body specific need menu bulk in addition to nutrition and calories for anything, or would it potentially do punishment on a nutrition like that, assuming one were well-adapted to ketogenic eating and obligated sure to cycle between lots of types of veggies?

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