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The Subreddit Rules

Note: Avoid asking for exceptions since the rules and moderation should be applied fairly and equally to all. Perfectly read any response you receives from a mod, including automoderator, before messaging for an appeal.

1) No dietary activism for or against any food – Diet crusades are NOT welcome here. Crusading is usually off topic and often intended to be inflammatory. Members in this subreddit have a variety of dietary requirements, impressions, form characters, and aims. Being a diet devotee is fine. Being a dork love or jolt anti-fan of a diet is not okay and will be determined by a restriction. DO NOT ;P TAGEND commit disrespectfully towards other foods/ notions – inform instead. Talk TO them , not ABOUT the other person/ radical, downvote due to someone’s diet wish promote or reason ethics and mores promote diet absolutism – no diet is the only healthy one. You CAN say “this is best for me” and explain why and what it emphasizes shape plausible alleges – chronic disease cure claims are not able. Saying it “can control the symptoms of” is fine if that is the case engage in pitchforking or brigading – avoid doing it to this or any other subreddit or the posts therein bias moan – is not helpful. “I’m downvoted because I gobble( mention nutrition) ” is just shit soul-stirring and trying to play martyr overly advertise a food based subreddit – talk about your favorite diet but exclusively advertise the sub for it in no more than 1/10 of your task

2) No personalized nutrition ask poles. Instead ask in the comments section of the / r/ Nutrition weekly Personal Nutrition Discussion sticky post – If your pole contains ANY personal situation( it pertains to you, your diet, your family member( s) or anyone within your sphere) and/ or a diet evaluation request( something you or someone in your life ate, are eating, or thinking about consuming ), it will be removed , no exceptions. Trying to end run this rule, claiming it is unclear, or making any kind of baseless, fallaciou, disingenuous, or allowance based petitions will result in a ban.

3) reddiquette is required – Avoid flame wars and elect complaining. Trolling, insults, brigading, or discord towards the subreddit players, the moderators, or even the community itself may also result in a proscribe. Instead of bashing, share sources, awards, and studies, as well as admit when its own position are going to differ. Walk away if anything tempers you.

4) No blogspam and/ or self-promotion – Any form of linking, invoking, or mentioning of things you are affiliated with will be removed and likely to be translated into a prohibition. This applies to your sites, videos, media channels, volumes, commodities, questionnaires, etc. The sub is here to talk about nutrition science , not what you’ve organized. Do not try to use the sub to drive traffic to something you are involved with, even if it is free. IRB approved surveys may be approved if a request is sent to the moderators.

5) No request or supplying medical advice – these question announces typically involve an illness, a diagnosis, a lab value, and/ or discussion you’ve had with a health professional. You can query how nutrition impacts humen in general but you may not ask for advice about giving or administering a medical conditions or how a nutritional alternative would impact your specific medial requirement( or a family member ). All medical questions should be directed to a physician, dietitian, or other qualified and licensed health care provider who has access to your personal medical record. It is dangerous to canvass medical advice on an internet gathering. It is also illegal in most cases and against healthcare systems codes of morals for customers to cater it to you in this forum.

6) All joins must be direct relates – The reddit site filter removes uses of link shorteners. Use a direct URL instead. Submissions of links squandering connect tracking business will be translated into an instant ban.

7) No affixes from brand new accounts and negative karma reports – Brand new chronicles may not attain new posts in this subreddit. Nonetheless, you can comment on other berths while you get to know the place and subreddit. Negative karma accounts cannot post or remark here.


These suggestions are offered to improve your experience in the subreddit.

Refrain from a “once-size-fits-all” stance considering nutrition. Accept that there are other approaches which you may not agree with, other body characters, and a variety of goals.

Include proper, relevant, and useful information when querying or answering questions. Provide links to studies, essays, research, articles, etc. when offering your viewpoint. Need to find the evidence? Check out PubMed or Google Scholar.

It may be FAQ. If you have a question, search before you affix or take a look at our new FAQ which we’ve started

Report posts and remarks which violate area or subreddit regulates. Don’t report comments and poles over inconsistency. It is a waste of time and is report abuse.

User Flair

You can mount your user knack to indicate your rank of nutrition knowledge/ education. Do not select a user flair you are not qualified for. Anyone who is not able to verify their used elegance status when asked to do so may be banned.

Moderators Needed

As our sub has rapidly grown, so has our need to expand the moderation team. We are looking to add several known Reddit customers who have a passion for nutrition and a desire to help curate / r/ nutrition as a collegial infinite for informative nutrition discussions.

Here is what we are looking for from applicants. Please send applications to modmail.

Mods should have a strong record of various contributions to / r/ nutrition. Please send us several direct links to comments from your report record to substantiate this. We “re looking for” mods of all backgrounds, but particularly for RDNs or others with formal academic training in nutrition. Please tell us about your educational background and your current field of work. Modding experience on Reddit is great, but no longer required. Ditto for having a little coding knowledge. Let us know whether you mod any other subs and if you have any relevant experience like moderating other gatherings/ sheets, applying back-end web tools, etc. Mods need to be frequent Reddit users. The principle mod is someone who pas into Reddit multiple times per day, can dedicate some time to addressing moderator questions when entering on, and foresees ongoing efforts to do so in the future. You should be a team player who is on board with following processes and procedures including exploiting communications channels so that we stay on the same page and present a united and consistent front that prioritizes r/ nutrition and its core users. You should be someone who is comfortable enforcing rules and able to handle receiving cruel/ critical the information received from strangers on the internet without broken off, losing your temper, or giving in.

If you are interested in applying, please message the moderators with a memo which addresses all the points above( satisfy expend numbering ). Do not leave your employment as a comment here.

As ever the temperance crew is open to your thoughts and feelings on the subreddit. To do so send a modmail message the moderators.

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