Reach your health goals in the New Year


If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or improve your state, you’ve come to the right place.

Throughout January, we’re posting our most popular, most inspirational content — so that “youre starting” losing heavines in a healthful course now.

After a challenging time, you may be feeling a bit low-toned or unmotivated. We’re now to cheer you on, elevate your hearts, and leader you every step of the way.

We’ve appointed a new sheet, titled: “New Year, new way of life.” There, you’ll find the DD articles, navigates, dinner plans, and member columns that our consumers speak “the worlds largest” during 2020.

We’ve too gathered our most popular success stories, featuring commendations from those who’ve ascertained a better way of life through low carb and keto.

First, meet Kristin, whose success tale was our # 1 most-read success story of 2020. After finding Diet Doctor back in 2016, Kristin was able to lose weight and overcome issues related to hypothyroidism and depression.

Next is John, whose success story was the second most read testimonial. He lost an incredible 161 pounds( 73 kilos) in exactly one year by following a strict low-carb diet.

Then, there’s Crystal, whose success legend was the third most read. With low-grade carb, she lost 86 pounds( 39 kilos) — and while she’s in her 40 s, she says she now feels like she’s in her 20 s!

For even more inspiration, we also requested our members and a few from the DD team. Here’s how they proceeded after their own health objectives in the past, what they want to achieve this year, and what they’re hoping for you as a Diet Doctor user in 2021.

Diet Doctor representatives on staying inspired& motivated in 2021

“What motivates me? Everything about keto. From the very beginning, I knew it was for me and I have never thought of quitting, I’m a keto for life gal.” — Lenore, member

“My health-related aims for the New Year are fairly straightforward.[ I’d are happy to] recognize the intrinsic “ups and downs” in behavior modification and continue, understood that mistakes& recurrences help me move closer , not farther from my goals of better health.” — Renelle, member

“I plan to remain on keto as I feel so much better , not just physically, but mentally as well. I’m including in some activity to help with my back hurting and I know I’ll be able to keep that up too.” — Lydia, member

“[ My] state purpose is to continue to eat healthy nutrient and rehearsal daily and follow the awesome advice from DD.” — Rose, member

“I am looking forward to helping my husband free himself from T2D. I actually demand him to join me in experiencing a healthful and active retirement — and having a proper laugh again! ” — Julie, member

Diet Doctor team on what they aim to achieve this year

“Cut back on the cheese, nuts, and alcohol — and the unadulterated beating paste hot chocolate — that have all become more common as my Covid solaces. And get back into a regular weight-lifting and employ routine. Outdoors , not in the gym.” — Anne Mullens, Diet Doctor team member, Senior writer

“Getting to bed by 10 pm is my# 1 settlement this year. Since I seem to wake at 6:30 am, regardless, I need to reduce the too-frequent late nights.” — Jenni Calihan, Diet Doctor team member, Senior writer

“Cutting down on the snacking( nuts and 90% light chocolate) that I’ve picked up this year and getting back on track with walking.” — Amanda Akesson, Diet Doctor team member, Editor

“The main motivation for me is how good I feel when I am smacking all my sleep, usage, stress, sort, and nutrition purposes. I know I feel stunning and that is the best motivation! ” — Dr. Bret Scher, Diet Doctor team member, Medical conductor

Our best admonition for you

“Keep things simple. No need for it to be difficult. Believe keto will be the best thing you could ever do for your health and the results will prove it.” — Lenore, member

“To all of our Diet Doctor members, make choices that will make for a better tomorrow for yourself and your family. We are here to support you in being the very best! ” — Crystal Pullen, Diet Doctor team member, Moderator

” Treat your figure well and care for it. Give it is necessary to’ heal’ and adapt to your brand-new mode of living. Then, you are able to cherish the scalp you’re in .” — Rose, member

“Sometimes, I have to restart my good objectives a number of eras before they genuinely stick. It’s okay if it takes a couple of tries to really get the hang of something you want to change.” — Adele Hite, Diet Doctor team member, Senior writer

“[ Take it] one day at a time. Be kind and genuine to yourself. Every’ outage’ is an opportunity to learn and supplanted .” — Marie, member

“Thank you for being a Diet Doctor member during this very challenging year. I know how much you want to reach your health-related goals in 2021. We’ll be here to help you whenever you need us. Enjoy your jaunt to better health, taking it one day at a time and celebrating small-scale wins along the way. You’ve got this! ” — Franziska Spritzler, Diet Doctor team member, Senior writer

new-year-new-way-of-life-picture-16x9_ENnew-year-new-way-of-life-picture-16x9_ENNew Year, brand-new way of life! Our best material for 2021

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