70% Taking Common Antidepressants Suffer Sexual Side Effects

What’s the latest on treating sadnes with the spice saffron? Times ago, I comprised a head-to-head comparison of saffron versus Prozac for the treatment of sadnes in my video Saffron vs. Prozac, and saffron seemed to work just as well as the remedy. In the years since, five other studies have found that saffron beat out placebo or rivaled antidepressant medications.

It may be the spice’s red tint, crocin, since that alone beat out placebo as an adjunct treatment, significantly lessening evidences of sadnes, indications of feeling, and general mental distress. Perhaps, its antioxidants played a role in “preventing free radical-induced damage in the brain.” The amount of crocin the researchers expended was equivalent to about a half teaspoon of saffron a day.

If the spice works as well as the dopes, one could argue that the spice wins, since it doesn’t cause sex dysfunction in the majority of men and women like most prescribed antidepressants do. SSRI medications like Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft cause “adverse sexual side effects” in around 70 percent of beings taking them. What’s more, physicians is not merely hugely underestimate the occurrence of side effects, but they likewise tend to underrate how much they impact the living conditions of their patients.

Not merely is this not a problem with saffron, the spice may even be able to treat it, as I explore in my video Best Food for Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction. “In folk medicine, there is a widely held idea that saffron might have aphrodisiac effects.” To test this, men with Prozac-induced sex impairment were randomized to saffron or placebo for a month. By week four, the saffron group “resulted in significantly greater improvement in erectile function…and intercourse satisfaction, ” and more than half of the three men in the saffron group regained “normal erectile function.” The investigates concluded that saffron is an “efficacious treatment” for Prozac-related erectile dysfunction. It has all been found to be effective for female sex dysfunction, as well, as you can see at 2:35 in my video. Female sexual office increased by week four, improving some of the Prozac-induced sexual difficulties but not others. So, it may be better to try saffron in the first place for the depression and avoided developing these sexual dysfunction problems, since they sometimes can persist even after halting the medicines, potentially degenerating one’s long-term dip prognosis.

This includes unique side effects, such as genital anesthesia, where you literally lose awarenes. It can happen in men and women. More rarely, antidepressants can induce a condition called restless genital disorder. You’ve heard of restless legs syndrome? Well, this is a restless between-the-legs syndrome. These PSSDs, or Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunctions, meaning dysfunctions that were presented or persist after stopping take such antidepressants, can be so serious that “prescribing physicians should mention the potential danger of the occurrence of genital( e.g ., penile or vaginal) anesthesia to every patient prior to any SSRI treatment.” If you’re on one of these drugs, did your doctor warn you about that?

All hope is not lost, though. Evidently, penile anesthesia responds to low-power laser irradiation. After 20 laser treatments to his penis, one male, who had lost his penile sensation thanks to the drug Paxil, partly retrieved his “penile touch and temperature sensation.” However, he still couldn’t perform to his girlfriend’s satisfaction, and she patently culminated up leaving him over it, which certainly didn’t help his feeling. But, before you feel too badly for him, compare a bit penile illuminate rehabilitation to clitoridectomy, clitoris removal surgery, or another Paxil-related case where a woman’s manifestations exclusively improved after six courses of electroshock therapy.

Pass the paella!

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Those drug side effects seemed devastating, but dimple is no walk in the park. Nonetheless, when one symmetries gamble and benefit, one assumes that there are actually benefits to taking them. That’s why the shocking discipline I explored in Do Antidepressant Drugs Really Work ? is so important.

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