Top Gifts For Weight Loss: Stocking Stuffer Edition

Have loved ones started prying about your present collects this season? Even though the holidays are about so much more than big lustrou containers and stockings bursting at the seams, numerous lineages dole out additional “warm and fuzzies” by way of some good old fashioned gift sacrifice. If your family and friends are among the “presents preferred” crowd, they’re probably wondering what’s on your wish list this season.

And, since you’re in the business of better health this year, why not make make it easy on them by doling out some good-for-you gift suggestions? Check out these 16 stocking-sized gifts that are sure to have a big impact on your weight loss success. They’re also excellent minds for the fitness fan in their own families!

1. A Fitness Tracker

Plenty of research has suggested that people who keep track of their diet and employ dress often have better weight loss outcomes. Sync your new tracker with NuMi, our FREE online tracking implement, and you’ll be totally positioned for slim-down success.

2. Grocery Store Gift Cards

Sure it’s not the most glamorous knack you were able to asking questions, but it’s certainly helpful–and healthful, since it will help you load up on fresh produce and grocery add-ons.

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3. Gym Membership

It might be a tiny little print-out at the bottom of your stocking, but this one backpacks a big good-for-you punch! Getting moving will not only help boost your weight loss reactions, it will too improve your mood–especially in the cold weather months.

4. Portion Size Freezer Bags

Several firebrands now stir these pouches, which impel segment deformation a thing of the past. Use them for loose snacks like popcorn, or as a action to be sure you’re getting enough veggies.

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5. Individual Popsicle Molds

Ever make a smoothie or liquor and have just a little left? Pour the remaining liquid into popsicle mildews and remain them in the freezer for a frozen treat you can enjoy when thirsts strike.

6. Reflective Wrist Bands

With even darker epoches on the horizon, this knack will ensure that you can continue your neighborhood promenades safely–and visibly.

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7. Manual Herb Mill

Shake your salt garb with this stainless steel kitchen tool that allows you to chop fresh, flavorful herbs without exerting a pierce or cutting board. It wreaks like a dream, especially on coarser herbs like rosemary.

8. Egg Yolk Extractor

Take the work out of separating eggs with these simple tools that stimulate prepping for an egg white omelet a piece of cake.

9. Meat Thermometer

Make sure your lean proteins like fleshes, poultry and fish are cooked to perfection with this kitchen essential that takes the guesswork out of fix meat.

10. Yoga or Workout DVD

Would you rehearsal more if you could do it from the convenience of dwelling? Ask for some workout DVDs this anniversary and flex your fitness in your very own living room.

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11. Microplane or Zester

This simple tool, which enables you to scrape the husk off of citrus foods and gather zest, cures compute gentility( and spice !) to all of your dishes.

12. Massage Gift Certificates

On your path to happy and healthy, you’re going to have to start identifying non-food considers for yourself. Truly, there’s nothing better than curdling yourself with a good massage.

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13. Apple Corer

Anything that gets you to eat more fresh fruits and veggies is a great gift, in our opinion. We love apple corers because they see coring and slicing this nutrient-packed induce super simple.

14. Orange Peeler

Here’s another simple kitchen implement that saves meter. Simply push it through the scalp of your oranges and pull. Your produce will be peeled in no time.

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15. Flavored Teas

You’ll love celebrating the season with fragrant teas. Not merely is this festive treat guilt-free, it could boast some health benefits as well!

16. Wicking Socks

If you plan to get outside at all this winter, you’ll want to keep your feet warm. Asking for a few cases duets of socks designed to keep your foot dry is a great first step.

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