Intent (Version iOS 0.8)

Intent (Version iOS 0.8) -Synopsis of the App: Complete with healthful recipes and automatic grocery lists, Intent is a snack contriving app are in place to employed healthy eating on autopilot.

Price and Platform: Free/ Premium. $49.99 per year. Apple only.

RDN Score: 4/5


Clean, invigorating aesthetic. Users start by selecting a primary goal to eat healthy, lose weight, gain weight or save occasion. Destinations can be adjusted to take an aggressive, balanced or gradual approach. Alter reactions and common hostilities, from specific nutrients to cuisines. Readily repeat a past dinner propose or skip dinners within a program. Customize each snack plan for the number of people and number of different recipes to spawn each week. Can include recur dinners with abundance of leftovers or a different meal every day with a longer shopping list and more cooking. Readily swap in different main entrees and side recipes. Readily share the grocery list with others.

Automatically generates a grocery list that can be shopped or handed via Instacart or Amazon Fresh.


There’s a big push toward weight loss. Even after selecting “eat healthy” as the goals and targets, Intent includes a calorie target. You’ll need to upgrade to Intent premium to examine banquet macros and access recipes for various diet means, such as low-carb and keto. No self-evident channel to easily add your own snacks or recipes to the meal planner. Alone available on iOS at the time of this review.

Bottom Line: With lots of custom alternatives, plenty of recipes and an easy grocery list maker, Intent is a meal planning application importance checking out.

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