People in the helping field sometimes lose objectivity and unable to see things from another person’s POV (United States)

While I am grateful that someone chatted with me yesterday

I felt misjudge and cancelled. But he was extremely nice, professional and species and helping. Something we rarely see

IF there is anyone over 45, and you have time to chat, can you DM me?

Knowledge of Narcissism would be helpful too.

I’m furiou over my place. There is no solution to it, that’s the problem.

And beings precisely cant “exist” in culture with unmet needs and an inability to work for them.

Not everyone can get work.

Not everyone can “just do any task irrespective of the pay.”

That was the second issue, some people dont look at income and overheads and tell others to take anything as though they can get anything and that any income will pay ALL outlays. Or that overdue expenditures can “just be written off and ignored.”

It is due to my age, gender, and my upbringing( social class) where I am no longer a part of. But its own experience and the things liter learned never left me.

Age= people who are in their 20′ s to 30′ s have different concerns and events than someone who is above 45( vice versa)

An ex that was suggested was, “just pick up and move to another State”

Take their Medicaid benefits. Disregard what you know because you over think.

“Over think” coming from a young male to an older female.

In other terms time act like someone who has mania( I don’t ), and precisely whimsically move without contrives, and show up on the doorstep of social services in another State, where I have no permanent residency supported, $200 in my pocket, and get Medicaid, and again, ignore what I know because questions are not permitted

Gender= we have dif health/ cleanlines needs depending on age and condition

Ex, “just sleep in your car, walk into any gym and asking questions a free era pass to shower before your job interview.”

Gyms are not public shower memberships

Disregard figures, play “lets profess, ” that a Nordstrom vs a Target vs an office responsibility necessitate the same dress code.

Social class= a background that involved a certain level of education, that offered exposure beyond one’s own environmental aspects. A standard that required discipline, aim proficiency, cerebral operate, healthful residue and nutrition in order to function. A life that looked at NET income, and one that involved paying legislations on time, look forward at “income vs expenses.”

Ex. “Just’ take’ any job

Ignore the greenbacks, the condition of my auto, randomly move to another state with no programs in place and wing it

“Call the hotlines if you are suicidal or 211 “

Me: “Have you personally called those numerals? Do you know how they’re money? The level of clinical training and education that’s on the other line by the person working for that non-profit who is fielding those announces? Do they meet all buyer needs and are they wrote? “

Him: I dunno

When you dont have money to pay for quality help, you get people who listen to hear, but who sometimes don’t understand. They try and they mean well

It isnt intentional to misunderstand

But it shows how the system is designed to keep people inadequate and crushed

Nonprofits don’t congregate every individual’s intellectual elevations, income needs, etc ..

Which is why I cant continue its work like this

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