Don’t know what to do

My sister (8) has gained a lot of weight during the past year and that’s due to immobility and a bad food. I talk to my mother a lot about how she must be brought to an end paying her so much junk food, let her play outside instead of at personal computers and cause her drink water instead of ONLY juice. She exactly screams at me and is acting as I’m a bad person/ just wanted to insult her for saying this.

I myself was overweight growing up for the same reasons as my sister and had body epitome issues and an eating disorder as a young girl( 17 now ). I don’t crave my sister to go down that road and it grieves me even more because she isn’t in control of what she gobbles. My mothers are both obese and I have talked multiple times with them about how I don’t want them to die early and even laid down by weight loss and training plans for them( both discounted/ procreated fun of)

I am very passionate about excersise and diet and I study daily( Martial Artistries and Weight Lifting ).

I’m just sick and tired of living in this enviroment where campaigning an screaming makes neighbourhood all day and everyone is living unhealthy. I’d preferably exactly focus on overcoming my painful past( which is also made fun of or brought into Arguments against me) and get over the death of 2 Friends of mine this year.

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