Firing my personal trainer

I recently has been determined that I wanted to be more methodical with my weight loss, and not only develop several weeks worth of workouts BUT focusing more closely on my nutrition during this time.

This year has was just trying to for me( and many others I’m sure) and I had started to feel a bit down and I conceived getting a instructor and having both some tier of interaction outside of my workplace AND a level of accountability would be good BUT I don’t feel like the coach is attentive to me at all, and it’s producing anxiety and I’ve been crying over it for a got a couple of days now( I’m a cry-er ). So in understand to listen to myself and not going somewhere to get along per say I decided to tell him I want to go with “a different approach” and I even thanked him for working with me but he hasn’t greeted but why do I feel so bad to do this?

For instance in our first exercising I talked more about the nutrition and what he felt I could do better in my nutrition. And while I’m doing activities he’s twitching with his phone and transports me this “meal plan” which did NOT have a break down of protein, carbs, fatty, macros, etc it was generic and VERY vague and it had on there snacks like a bowl of milk, 2 bowls of “farmers cheese” but I have a dairy allergy! He had others items on there that I don’t/ can’t eat very and a random beaker of apple liquid. And it’s like this cookie cutter thing, but I wanna know why I’m doing things and HOW MUCH of something I is advisable to downing. I wanted to learn from this things to do forever because I want to change some life-style structures NOT be dependent on someone while not knowing what’s going on with my own body and after all I figured personal grooming should be well . . . personal to the client. How did he come to a banquet strategy without even knowing my reactions, advantages, etc. I tried texting him about it and he became uninterested so after a few cases periods of just wait him to say something I simply texted again to say thank you but I’m going in a different direction and you can refund me( not in those accurate utterances but that’s the gist ). I bought a start of utilizations and we had already done a few appointments and I crave the remaining years nullified and the money returned, I looked into it at the start of espousing him and he doesn’t have a “no refund” policy, so there’s that. BUT why do I feel bad ?????

I’m not giving up on myself though and was just going to a dietitian instead where I can talk and listen and LEARN about what can work for me and even more about supplementation based on my lab job. I’m originating the time to learn myself and improve what I don’t like so don’t roast me for going through this, lol. But yes I want to develop a meal contrive with a cross-file dietitian. And I will get another teach perhaps Only for training this time lol. I have a goal of doing a 5k as well, I want to be healthier and better to my body.

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